Wall Decorating Ideas

Room makeovers don't need to be expensive or involved. It is possible to change your room in as little as ten minutes of your time. All it takes is using something you already have or finding an inexpensive item and using it in an unusual or stylish way. These tips can help you realize how easy it is to decorate your walls.

Create Unique Artwork Displays: Original artwork is not just for your guests to view and enjoy in your living room or dining room. Artwork should be enjoyed by family members also, so go ahead and hang that large original piece of artwork on a wall in a bedroom.

You can add color and eye pleasing appeal to a small room or monochromatic color scheme by hanging brightly colored prints. A small neutral color bathroom will come to life when you hang a bright print on the wall. Colorful prints decorating the walls of any room with a neutral color scheme will brighten up the room and add eye appeal.

Consider unique placement of your artwork. The space between the top of your door and the ceiling or a narrow space between the door jamb and the wall are surprising areas for small pieces of art. A three-dimensional art piece above a kitchen doorway adds a unique touch and interest to your kitchen.

Arrange Picture Frames: Picture frames are perfect for adding a decorator touch to empty wall space and can set the tone for the entire room. Whether you want a formal or informal room, your picture frames and how they are arranged can have a great impact in achieving the style you want.

Remember when hanging picture frames that you want to create a balanced look. You can hang a grouping of five frames - four same-size frames hung two on the top and two on the bottom and a fifth larger frame next to them to create a balanced look.

Create a unique arrangement by hanging different shapes together. For example, if you have a grouping of square or rectangular picture frames, hang a simple oval picture frame with them. Try a non-traditional arrangement. Hang a row of small picture frames beneath a larger framed piece of artwork that sits above a table. The table provides the balance and allows the arrangement to stand out.

Create a Focal Point: A focal point is where the eye is drawn when entering a room. An unusual arrangement of picture frames can draw and please the eye. Consider a collection of family portraits in vintage oval picture frames or original artwork with a similar theme in unique or modern picture frames. For a cohesive display be sure the picture frames are made of a similar material and color and the artwork displayed is of a similar subject.

Hang Decorative Accessories: Your treasured trinkets or cards can be framed and hung on a wall creating a unique visual display. Instead of storing your items out of sight, share them with friends and family. A framed item can be the perfect touch for a bedroom or bathroom wall.
Hanging small decorative items in unexpected places can add whimsy to your room. The wall space between two shelves can be an ideal place for a small decorative object. You can also create a very unique wall grouping by hanging an interesting coat rack and instead of hanging coats hang hats, colorful scarves or an assortment of your treasured keepsakes. A few framed wall hangings above the coat rack with a similar theme, such as different styles of hats, can tie the arrangement together. For a whimsical approach, find a plaque with a favorite short poem or saying.


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