Young Nymphs

Young nymphs live in the sea, the woods, and they are tiny little creatures and include sprites and fairies. What kinds of images can you imagine, come and see these for free.

Let's have fun with this section, as we are really getting into some sophisticated fairies.

There were nymphs in so many old tales, and even as far back as greek mythology.

What is the garb of a nymph? Sometimes it is very little, and although this is the case, I always try to handle it very tastefully.

This Is A Very Adventurous Nymph!

I have designed her to look like she might have just put on her pack - maybe she had a swim in a pool - and is off on some adventure. Notice she is even carrying a sword on her back.

Some of the techniques used in this drawing are a nice challenge! And in fact - people in my school are drawing this fairy within a few months. So, even if you are beginning, you could be drawing like this very soon. She's not perfect, but she's a pretty cool sketch!

Wild Adventuress Fairy or Nymph Pencil Drawing

Lots Of Nymphs Live In Water!

Water Nymphs are not necessarily sea nymphs they can live in pools with reeds and flowers, or little streams, or there are even river nymphs, swimming and living among the moss-covered rocks.

You can also use very transparent fabrics to create a diaphanous nymph-like magical feel to the clothing.

You can see with the drawing above, that I have indeed used the see-through quality in the sketch. This is an important thing to learn in your drawing, and the people in the School are drawing this fairy in the fourth month.

This is excellent drawing practice page, as it has some anatomy, and some skill is required for the transparency in fabrics.

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Thumbnail Drawing of an Adventure Nymph Fairy

Thumbnail Drawing of a Fairy With A mushroom dancing In the forest

Thumbnail Drawing of a Teenage Elf Queen

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