Venus The Goddess

A drawing of Venus The Goddess of Love, and I just had to draw this beautiful creature. Have fun drawing this, or making up your own venus

Drawing of Venus The Goddess

My Venus

Relax when you start the outline of this drawing.

Just loosely outline her and slowly start to build the details.

Remember that you can copy her, but you can just use her for inspiration, and create your own version.

This Venus has an immense pile of curls.

Drawing hair is the most fun, of any beautiful fairy or goddess, but drawing curls can be a riot.

I also have this image swooping a large scarf around her, as creating some action or movement in your drawing can be very important.

This is something I am still working on.

Feel free to copy this picture for your own personal use.

Here's A Close Up

The Close Up will give you a good idea of how to draw those curls, and I feel her features are quite delicate - so you have to see them up close.

Drawing of Venus The Goddess Close Up Of Her Face

Are you drawing all of this...?

Maybe you have not drawn in a long time, or ever!

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