Unicorn Coloring Pages

These Unicorn coloring pages will give you many free unicorn coloring pages all to do with the unicorn legend. You will find unicorn horns to color, even an evil unicorn - all fantasy unicorns.

Aren't most unicorns white? How do we color them? But think about it who knows how many colors they might reflect in the realm of fantasy. Remember the color of something, especially something white reflects the color of things around it.

The first Unicorn is posing, as if he knows what a beautiful picture he makes. Can't you just see him in a garden next to a beautiful waterfall... maybe the colors of the water reflect on his beautiful white image. Unicorns were often associated with water and they were known to be symbols of purity. How about black? I have heard rumors of black ones actually existing in unicorn myths. That would be an exciting unicorn coloring page. You will find a fierce evil unicorn below

Lots Of Free Unicorns To Color

Thumbnail Drawing of a Startled Unicorn Coloring Page

Might a sunset not reflect on a beautiful white unicorn? See what creative ideas you might have on the following free printable pages.

Thumbnail Drawing of a Posing Unicorn Coloring Page

Unicorn and Lady

Next is a Unicorn with a lovely lady in a garden. He has been caught by a gentle ribbon around his neck.

Don't forget you just click on the image for a larger image, and print it out.

After the unicorn coloring pages you might want some more fantasy horses. Follow the link to my Pegasus Coloring Page. I have even developed a page called how to draw a horse.

Thumbnail Drawing of a Lady and Unicorn Coloring Page

Fierce Unicorn

The next Unicorn is a fierce charging stallion. They were known to fight hunters who would try to capture them. Many medieval hunters tried, but it was known that they could be very good fighters using their horns as a sword. Don't worry the only way most fairy tale unicorns were ever caught was by being lured by a beautiful young woman. Because of the purity and sweetness of a unicorn they had little resistance to a beautiful young girl.

Color Color Color!

With regards to coloring let go and remember a fantasy unicorns can be any color in the world. Add whatever colors you would like to these free unicorn coloring sheets.

Next is the unicorn in the garden, as they loved to lounge by springs of fresh water and I can see that the colors of water would easily reflect all around the garden and don't be afraid to capture some of those blues, greens and purples when coloring them. How about an angry unicorn running from the hunters. Perhaps fiery reds and oranges. Maybe he's running through a storm - the greys and blues, or a wet shiny coat with black and grey?

Thumbnail Drawing of a Fierce Unicorn Coloring Page

Decorated Unicorn

The next one has perhaps been captured by a beautiful arabian princess. The arabian unicorn is dressed in all kinds of royal ribbons with a magnificent saddle.

Thumbnail Drawing of an Arabian Princess Unicorn Coloring Page

Prancing Lady

Thumbnail Drawing Prancing Lady Unicorn Coloring Page

Braying Unicorn

Thumbnail Drawing of a Braying Unicorn Coloring Page

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