Stephanie Pui Mun Law Fairies

This interview with the artist really brings to light how she creates Stephanie Pui-Mun Law Fairies. Read about the secrets that have helped her create her magical fluid style.

Large Image of Stephanie Pui Mun Law Painting Her GardenLook at this painting, "Her Garden", the way she uses motion!

In fact she really knows how to play with the whole idea.

Stephanie's magical backgrounds are really well highlighted in this painting.

I love the flow of all of Stephanie Pui-Mun Law's paintings.

The Interview

  • Me - First do you draw in pencil before you begin your paintings?
  • Stephanie - Yes I do

  • Me - I understand you use water colors, and have and do experiment with other mediums, including some digital. Is watercolor a passion that you will always have, or do you think in the future you might move into the digital further?
  • Stephanie - I started out with digital but once I started working with watercolors, I fell in love with the medium. I don't think I would go back to digital because I just don't get the same pleasure and satisfaction from working on and completing a digital piece as I do with laying paint on layer by layer and holding an actual painting in my hands at the end of it all.

  • Me - When you are starting a drawing or painting, do you ever have that doubtful feeling?
  • Stephanie - Not really. I do a -lot- of sketching, so by the time I'm serious about a piece I've already worked out by process of elimination any uncertainties with sketches.

  • Me - How would you explain the mindset that makes you push through to completion?
  • Stephanie - My brain is kind of hardwired that way. I always feel really anxious when Ihave incomplete paintings. I can't stop thinking about it and the colors and what I'm going to do next until it's finished.

  • Me - What major things have you noticed about your own work as you have progressed?
  • Stephanie - Well there's definitely been improvement over the years. Dedicating so many hours every single day to art really makes you focus and over time I'vegotten much better with figures, with contrast of colors and details; and the subject matter I've been able to explore has become more focused in what I really want to create.

  • Me - Suppose someone has the urge to draw an unusual fairy or fantasy creature? Any advice?
  • Stephanie - Just start sketching! Sketch constantly. I always carry a little 6x6 inch sketchbook with me in my purse so that I can jot down ideas or do sometraveling snap-shot-sketches on the fly or when I've got a bored moment. If you do that, then you always have a ready stockpile of ideas to draw from. Visit a zoo or aquarium and get lots of neat animal ideas that way!

  • Me - It seems you are self-taught artist, with lots of training in computer science - how would you describe the connection?
  • Stephanie - I went to college to study computer science, but I always had a passion forart. I just didn't think I would be able to make a living out of it. So there really is absolutely no connection at all beyond that. When I graduated from college I made it my goal to figure out a way to make art the center of my life and not just a sideline hobby.

  • Me - Are there any lessons or instructions that you used to increase your ability in drawing and painting?
  • Stephanie - Practice, and as I said before, just drawing and sketching - every - day.

  • Me - What would you recommend to someone who thinks they cannot draw?
  • Stephanie - Give it a try! Don't let yourself be held back by what you think an image has to be, or to be daunted by looking at the artwork of others and think,"I could never do that!" Those others have practiced and worked to get to where they are, and you'll never know what you can create until you try.

  • Me - Can you describe how your drawing and painting style developed - and why the beautiful fairy realm in the natural world?
  • Stephanie - Fantasy has always been of interest to me, as well as world mythology, fairytales, and folklore. So it was a natural direction for my artwork. Thenatural world is a constant source of raw inspiration for me, in particular the beautiful live oaks that surround me here in California.

  • Me - A lot of artists I have talked to like to work at night - when is your favorite time to work?
  • Stephanie - I used to work at night, especially when I was working a day job as a computer programmer. But these days I tend to keep fairly normal hours and paint during the daytime so that I can spend time with my family during their free hours.

  • Me - Do you use an eraser? Some artists say they never erase.... boy I sure do...
  • Stephanie - During the sketch phase yes.

  • Me - When you begin your drawings or paintings, do you do a loose gesture-drawing kind of outline, or start with sort of building blocks?
  • Stephanie - I've never been a fan of the building block techniques. It feels too stilted and contrived. I enjoy a more gestural sketching style because itseems to capture the actions and movements better.

  • Me - What is your favorite part of the work? Some people like the sketching, some applying the color, some prefer the final shading.
  • Stephanie - I enjoy it all!

Barb's Editorial About This Illuminating Interview

I so love the way Stephanie has really emphasized practice, sketching, and more practice. I have often said that the most important thing to becoming an artist is to draw and sketch, and paint often.

Stephanie says that she sketches everyday. This is a great habit. On her her site she even shows some of her sketching trips to the zoo. You have to check that out.

Stephanie's work is so fluid and magical - and she mentions her preference for gestural sketching. Gestural sketching is working with a drawing style that is movement-oriented. Quick sketches without a lot of posing. This really is a mature level of sketching.

I thank you Stephanie, for the encouragement you have given us - particularly when you mention how you just decided after university, to find a way to make art the center of your life. This is so important - to declare it, and then work towards with belief!

Anyone can do it with enough faith and work.

The Faery Host -
Another Wonderful Painting

Large Image of Stephanie Law Painting Tam Lin-The Faery Host

The Queen Of Hearts Sends Her Regards

Large Image of Stephanie Law Painting The Queen Of Hearts Sends Her Regards

When Dragons Dream

Large Image of Stephanie Law Painting When Dragons Dream

Thanks to Stephanie

Stephanie has a real web presence, and has made herself quite a name in the art world.

Check out her blog

Stephanie teaches painting techniques too, her books about watercolor painting are definitely a worthwhile purchase.

Follow this link to Dreamscapes Myth and Magic or Dreamscapes Angel, Faery & Mermaid Worlds.

On behalf of myself and everyone interested in your artwork, Stephanie, thank you for your time.

Barb C

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