Sketches Drawings Of Angels

If you want to create sketches or drawings of angels this sweeping floating beauty will be great practice and inspiration.

Floating Angel Drawing

So don't worry about combining your drawing skills to create angels and fairies.

Some of the aspects are very similar, although the slightly bohemian aspect of fairies won't relate if you want to create a heavenly creature.

Be respectful and create a very dignified angel, using some of the classic elements such as clouds in the background, harps, etc.

A Floating Angel

Here is an angel to draw, I have played with her wings letting one of them twist around behind her head.

This is an effect I wanted to create - you can judge whether I accomplished this very well or not.

I wanted the wing to be twirling behind her as she gently floats above some situation that she looks a little concerned about.

The other wing is more outstretched. She has a hovering look.

Notice I have created some interesting details on the wing, weeds or branches that are part of this angels domain.

Her hair was fun - let it float and flow down even entwining her dress.

Get A Good Look At Her Face

Sketching a Face is a very important part of any fairy or angel drawing.

The face can express an emotion. Sometimes I just let the emotion come as I am drawing.

I start with a general feeling about what the character will be expressing, and if you push past your doubt you will find that something interesting happens.

I am creating a face drawing book - coming soon.

Floating Angel Drawing Close Up

Remember when you start the drawing to sketch, let loose and just draw. Sometimes an inkling of an idea will just get you going.

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