Monster Drawings

Ahhh! Monster Drawings are really cool! There are so many monsters and mythical creatures in movies and art right now -so let your imagination go wild.

Drawing Of a Hunter After a Monster

I love monsters, some from mythology and fantasy - as a child of the movies I can't wait to really explore this section.

Have you ever drawn a monster?

I promise there are more coming.

This first one just popped into my head. I find when I am drawing that I usually just go with the flow. When you have a picture in your head - go with it.

So I have others coming to me now - particularly since I just saw the "Clash Of The Titans" - there are some incredible monsters to draw.

My imagination just went on a voyage with this picture, he is a warrior on the hunt with a monster of his own.

If you are interested in fantasy, then start thinking in terms of the big picture. What are you creating? Are you sketching to create a large painted canvas? Trying to create a fantasy world?

This drawing illustrates a warrior or hunter seeking some kind of monster, perhaps running in the woods.

The ideas are still coming, perhaps some other kinds of monsters, one about warriors, and all the great muscle drawing that could create fabulous fantasy art.

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If you are needing some real basics, they are free at how to draw.

I want you to be able to draw anything your creative mind can imagine.

Drawing is just a tool!

Get the tools.

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