Medieval Dragons

Medieval Dragons were the dragons from the classic fairy tales. They were British Dragons and Celtic Dragons with knights and castles - the whole bit. So enjoy each dragon sketch and try your hand

Thumbnail Drawing of Western Dragon On The Roof

This medieval section will be a lot of fun, creating and enjoying as drawing practice.

Dragons were frightening decorative elements used in architecture throughout medieval times.

This section really emphasizes the dragon tales throughout western culture, meaning Europe and Britain primarily.

So we are imagining dragons perched on the roofs of all the old towns of medieval times.

All kinds of medieval buildings have dragon motifs around or throughout the building.

Dragons carved in stone can be a fabulous challenge to draw.

Just imagine creating a dragon with maybe cracks in the marble, or shiny like bronze, even with oxidization on the bronze.

We will explore this area even more in the future. It will be a blast. Follow the link above to a great new page.

These dragons would not be nice to see flying and perching all over the place.

But they are great fun to draw.

Any excuse to draw a dragon.

Would you like some free simple drawing lessons - check out my how to draw - these are very simple, and there is a dragon drawing lesson there.

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