Love Fairies

While I do love fairies, this page is a lovely serene fairy that just gives off love. She is hovering gently in her flowing gown, and would make a great angel or fairy tattoo.

Pencil Drawing of Serenity or Love Fairy Large Image

This is my serenity fairy, and she just oozes peace, contentment and love...

She is a representation of all of the love fairies, perhaps in that vibration of joy.

Of course she is just a pencil drawing of a fairy and I would love for you to come and draw her.

The composition of this fairy to me screams to be used as a tattoo!

There are some images on this site that would make good butterfly fairy tattoo designs.

I think it would be more fun to develop your own drawings, and then you would be even more proud of them.

If you already draw - get creating.

Love Fairies

I call her my Serenity Fairy, because to me she looks like she is just floating and almost meditating, very calm and in repose.

Perhaps her wings are just fluttering so quietly that we cannot see the movement.

If you are really good at sketching that kind of action, and want to create that sense of movement give it a try.

I would start with a quick sketch and capture the position of this fairy with a stick figure.

Then slowly start to flesh out the shape of her body, and the position of her limbs.

Once you have this shape, just start outlining the clothing, and working the hair.

If you draw regularly enjoy the process...

Isn't she adorable?

I have made her dress gently float, and it appears to me to be perhaps a chiffon, a little ragged, and paired with the high boots makes the outfit quite darling.

Okay, well maybe I am going on about this too much? I just love to create the clothes for my fairies, and a new section about clothing is coming.

Okay, back to drawing...

Notice the wings are quite complex, mixing some different designs keeps the drawing interesting. I think texture is very important when drawing. I also try to make things asymetrical, meaning that they are not exactly the same on both sides. This is important when creating a realistic look - nothing in reality is totally identical - whether wings, hair, arms, legs, eyes, etc...

You get the picture, sketch and go with the flow, then you will have an original look. Don't get me wrong, I encourage you to copy this image, but don't get upset if the picture is not exactly the same, this is good. Once you are in the zone when drawing, and you find yourself going your own way, feel good about that.

That is your inner artist coming out!

Is she coming along?

Here is the Close Up of My First Love Fairy

Pencil Drawing of Serenity Fairy Close Up of Face

It is fun to get up close to these images, you can see all the pencil marks, and this can help with your drawing.

Notice the hair, and what looks like curly glossy locks in the other picture, now you can see the levels of shading towards the center point of white highlight.

This is the important planning part when you are drawing.

If you want straight or curls as in this case, each curl while you are sketching, should be planned.

I don't mean to fret about it, but as you start shading remember that you are building a curl, here, and another one there...

Remember that you are creating one of the love fairies, and therefore there is sweetness in that face, and sometimes creating facial expressions can be very tricky. Keep changing the features until you capture that angelic look.

Practice is the key....