How To Draw Lips

Pencil Drawing of Lips Number One

The mouth and the lips are such an important part of the fairy face, so let's practice drawing, and maybe learn something more about how to draw lips.

How to draw lips will give you lots of practice, and some ideas about the shapes of different mouths. On this page, I am providing several different mouths with the lips in different positions in order to really explore the shape of the mouth.

If drawing from a model, you must look at the large shapes of the image, and if sometimes drawing from the imagination, then work with some of the common shapes and create something new. When starting to learn how to draw lips, I would suggest looking at magazines, wherever there is a makeup ad, you will find a different pair of lips to sketch. This is really good practice.

Also, look at the general shape, and use gentle shading to capture the different shapes.


This is a very common position for lips. This is sort of the comfortable resting spot for most mouths. I usually start with a line for the center of the mouth - a very light line, which sets the mood of the mouth, and a nice curve for the bottom. This way you can add a top that is either wide or thin. This creates different looks!

Now you have an idea of the size of the mouth. Draw these gentle lips, ever so softly poised.

Shading is very important...

Every detail on the face has to be gently shaded, if you are not sure when drawing a feature you can always start with just shading. This way you don't commit to the shape or expression on the face until you are more sure. It also allows the drawing to come to life, so use your pencil lightly, until you have an impulse to create more firmly a general look. You will be surprised by your results!

With Slight Smile

Actually almost a smirk!

As you look at the mouth start shading, gently shaping the darker areas of the mouth, while allowing the rounder shapes to remain white. These are the lowlights and the highlights. What's so interesting about mouths and lips as they are a very important part of drawing a face, and like the eyes they have shine, and the shine makes them so much more realistic.

Also notice in this drawing, the small up and down lines at the opening, which give the mouth realism.

Pencil Drawing of Lips With Slight Smile

With Teeth

This drawing shows teeth. This is one thing that many students find very difficult to draw. The trick is not to draw, but to sketch, or even just give the impression of. Remember that you only show what you actually see. I think the biggest mistake people make when drawing teeth, is trying to pack a bunch of teeth in the mouth, remember you might only see the front ones.

So practice this with teeth.

Pencil Drawing of Lips Open With Teeth