How To Draw Eyes

Pencil Drawing of Almond Shaped Eyes

Here are some free lessons and practice on how to draw eyes, the soul of the character. If you are a fantasy artist, these eye drawings will help you develop your drawing ability and style.

Drawing two beautiful eyes looking out at you from your fantasy drawing. Are those eyes sexy, hooded, smoky or even exotic gypsy eyes? Are they eyes in your drawing happy, open and excited, are those eyes watching out of the corner of them? Do you know exactly how to create all those looks? Who does, believe me I can't capture all of the human eye's looks yet. In fact this is probably a lifetime, or even an eternal quest. There are endless eyes and this How To Draw Eyes section is just the beginning, but definitely good practice.

Have fun!

Almond Shaped Eye (Above)

This lovely light eye, is just that. The eye looks serene and easy in the world. This eye belongs perhaps to a gentle water fairy who is just enjoying the magical healing waters. Can you see that? Do you see how eyes do reflect the feelings of the character?

Notice that the pupil is small and sharp, this also gives the impression that our creature is in daylight. Perhaps a bright and sunny day in a beautiful pool of water, with all kinds of light reflectig all around her.

Try drawing this gentle almond shaped eye. This drawing lesson is a sketch for you to copy, so get out your pencil and paper and create an eye drawing.

An Eye Looking Up

This is a slightly hooded eye, looking up at something. Notice the pupil is a little larger than the previous eye, as there is shadow over the pupil. I can almost see the eyebrow of this fairy raising as well as the eye ball. When learning how to draw realistic eyes, imagine the situation.

There is light reflecting in the bottom part of the eye. When drawing or sketching this eye, create the highlighted areas, and shade around them. Remember that an eye is mostly liquid, so your sketching has to be soft.

I am creating a great book that will really give you a lot about eyes in a step-by-step manner.

Pencil Drawing of an eye looking up

Smoky Eye

This smoky eye might belong a dark gypsy or gothic character. Even notice that her pupil is a very large pool, and that tells me she is in a darker environment. Even the shadows around her eye are darker. Now you can experiment with this idea, and add an even larger smoky look with makeup (which is just a way to paint on that mood - that's why we women think it is sexy). Enjoy experimenting with these eyes.

Pencil Drawing of a Smoky Eye

Bangs Shaded Eyes

This eye is not only shaded by the bangs across her forehead, but also has a more hooded lid. Practice drawing this kind of eye.

Pencil Drawing of an eye shaded by Bangs

I must finish up that face drawing book - and it is coming, I promise. This will be an exciting book and will have you drawing faces and show some step by step methods how to draw eyes, just the way you want. Don't forget to sign up for my free monthly e-zine so that you don't miss the release. In the meantime I have a wonderful book that will give you so much to work on.... My fairy drawing book.