Gothic Pencil Drawings

This gothic pencil drawings page is the gothic fantasy art gallery, where we will explore further the world of gothic fairy art work

What does that really mean?

There is so much history surrounding the word "Goth" - but for me it is just about the really cool looking fairies, who may or may not be evil.

I will draw some modern goth sketches here, these will have outrageous, wild costumes, hair and makeup.

They will give you the impression of being those more urban kinds of goths.

I also will do some old world gothic pencil art - to really capture that raggedy old goth feeling.

How about some gothic fairy pictures that are from gothic love stories like Jane Eyre. Long hall ways, dark shadows, evil lover/villain in the background, young innocent and beautiful woman wondering what is going on?

I always loved that kind of gothic novel.

So, any excuse to draw some gothic fairy pictures? Well, yes.

But... it does have a legitimate point.

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