Goth Fairy

This Goth Fairy page is an original drawing by the artist Barb C. Find cool drawings of creepy, but fun gothic girl art with the dark makeup and big boots, enjoy and sketch for yourself.

Drawing of a Serious Gothic Fairy

I am being very specific about the different meanings of the words "Goth" or "Gothic".

This is such an old term that has been used for all kinds of mythology and artwork.

This fairy, I hope, reflects today's popular form of goth artwork - all to do with fairies of course.

My First Goth Fairy

I call her my Serious Gothic Fairy.

She has only a slightly creepy look, but is obviously a fairy with a slightly modern goth look, but also a medieval aura.

Is she a fairy who is exhausted from some mischievious activity?

No, I imagine she is a fairy in a dark cavernous castle, with some serious planning going on in those shadowed eyes.

I would love to invite you to sketch her, and add your own ideas.

I always want people to draw my drawings for their own personal use, or just inspiration.

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Look at her closely, and then do a rough outline.

Now add the head, and start to assemble the limbs in the position seen, or change to your own position.

Sometimes you might want to copy, or you might just get inspiration to create your own.

Don't feel frustrated if your drawing does not look exactly like mine.

The important thing is that you draw - not that you are good at copying.

I for one - am not!

So remember that on this site, it is all about drawing.

Just keep on doing it!

How About A Close Up?

Here is a close up - showing the face more clearly.

Drawing of a Serious Gothic Face Close Up

Keep watching for my next Goth Fairy.

Even while I am writing this, I get so excited about producing some more drawings for this section.

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