Fire Breathing Dragons

Fire-breathing-dragons - who could ask for anything more - and what a challenge to draw! Do you want to be an artist? - come along and draw this dragon for free.

Fire Breathing Dragon On The Roof Drawing

This dragon image is an absolute nightmare - and you too can create one.

Fire Breathing Dragon On The Roof

Get ready to draw this wild fire-breathing beast.

Whoever thought up the fire-breathing dragon is really amazing

I mean not only have you got a scary scaly creature with wings, and really big teeth, but he shoots fire at will.

Nothing like it.

Once you master this kind of dragon then you are truly a dragon drawing... well, Master.

So let's keep working at them, and there are more coming...

Notice he is perched on a tiny little roof, which makes him look like a huge fire breathing dragon.

Slick wings are tucked behind him, and his body is incredibly well muscled.

His head is enormous, with an invincible jaw.

Could you draw a warrior to fight him?

Well let's start drawing with a loose outline of the entire shape.

It is always important to draw the outline very freely, and then start with some detail.

Gently start to draw the detail of the mouth, and add the shading at will.

I fully believe you should shade as you draw, it helps you to start seeing the drawing coming together.

Close Up - Of His Scary Head!

This image will provide you with a good look at the characteristics of this dragon in order to really continue and finish up the drawing.

Look at those teeth and the way the fire is coming out of his mouth.

This close up gives you an idea of how to shade his scaly head.

Just keep drawing!

Fire Breathing Dragon On The Roof Close Up Drawing