Female Vampire Art

This Female Vampire Art page will have lots of vampire sketches. It is exciting to design some vampire goth characters, maybe even a vampire fairy!

Drawing of Modern Girl Vampire Ad

Check Out This Modern Vampire - Look at Her Fangs!

Any excuse to draw another female vampire.

This page is of a cool modern lady vampire - get out your pencil and explore the drawing page.

Vampiresses can be very sexy ladies.

In the past the female vampires were usually on the arm of, or well... hanging upside down, or in a coffin beside Dracula.

They were usually depicted as being his bride, etc.

I love these female vampires too, they wore all kinds of cool fashions.

If you really love the designs of old fairy tales then these (usually beautiful) creatures gave lots of opportunity for drawing wenches in corsets, and big skirts.

We will draw these too, as I really love the look.

However, I also like the more modern woman vampire.

She can be in a shiny leather suit, or regular modern-day clothing.

Every picture I am going to create here will be a celebration of the images of women in these transylvanian or modern day roles.

Queen Of Blood - Still Coming...