Female Pirates

Why are female pirates so fascinating to us? - Well whatever the reason, a girl pirate can make great pirate art, so come and copy or get inspiration from this pirate drawing.

Swinging Woman Pirate Drawing

She is a wild woman involved in piracy, perhaps on a treasure island, in the caribbean?

It is your art - so it can be your story.

Artists tell a story with their art - that is why so many artists are also writers.

Swinging Girl Pirate

I just had to draw this pirate babe swinging across from one ship to another.

This is fantasy art folks, so whether or not there were real pirate women, we can indeed draw them.

This is a chance to get inspiration for your own pirate fantasy drawings or feel free to copy her and learn to draw from her.

Some might want some simple free lessons at how to draw, or some great more advanced lessons in my drawing book. This work will get your skills ready to do all of the practice on this site, easily.

You know me, any excuse to draw a fantasy character.

Get Drawing

You can spend some time here drawing this very pretty girl pirate, by starting with an outline of the position, and the shape of her head.

Notice the position of her body is swinging on a rope to a pirates ship, but she is looking over her shoulder, and this position can be a challenge to draw.

So, take your time.

I had fun with her hair trying to give it a feeling of movement.

Her pony tail is very loose and seems to be wrapped with some fabric, or perhaps a piece of leather.

She is wearing a loose frilly blouse over her old-fashioned bustier for women, and is slightly sexy.

The pants are boy pants, and this gives her that real pirate look, and the dagger slung on her hip adds to this impression.

Have fun with her costume, and I am developing a whole section to give ideas for costumes. - coming soon.

Here's A Close Up

I have drawn her face under the wispy hair, and that quality of wispyness is what gives the hair the impression of movement.

Also, I tried to create a look in her eyes - as if she is very intensely looking at what is going on around her.

Her mouth, while still pretty is a little tense, this also creates mood.

Always keep in mind while drawing, or before drawing, have an idea.

Imagine your character in some predicament, or thinking something, the point is that all drawings of fairies or any characters should be doing something - even if just thinking it.

Swinging Woman Pirate Drawing Close Up