Female Elves

There are so many beautiful female elves to draw, and this one has a very beautiful medieval costume and headdress.

Drawing of an Elf Woman With Headdress

In case you hadn't noticed, I love drawing hair, and I experimented with with a medieval ladies fashion hair do with this elf. Perhaps you can create a new fashion with this online drawing program.

Also what is so fun about this drawing, is that she is wearing a dress that has lots of fabric wrapping around her, with many folds. This is always challenging to draw and really good practice. Please keep in mind that every time we draw, we get a little better. I am always working on trying to get better too.

Here Is My Elf Woman

Start by outlining loosely with your pencil the shape of her head, and yes, you can do it without the hair, just gently form her head, get the shoulders lined up and then sketch an outline of her body. Notice the variation on the elf ears - not pointy but gently and softly curved. Just an idea? Once you get the shape going, you can start to shade. I like to start with the edges of the drawing and work lightly with the pencil while you gently shade. This creates shape, and a 3D quality.

When starting to draw the clothing, think about what is on top. I usually start sketching an item of clothing that is closest to the body, then I add the layers, perhaps a vest or in this case a medieval or sci fi over-dress. Work the layers up by leaving areas that will be highlighted white, and the edges and folds are darker.

Honestly, this shading is what creates the magic in a drawing, and it is my favorite part.

Get A Good Look At Her Face And Hair

Creating the shine in her hair will allow you to play with the ideas of using different values with your pencil pressure. Learning to control your pressure while drawing is very important and your touch will become more assured with each and every drawing you attempt. Her face in this drawing is very simple, really just slight marks on the page. Do you see what your pencil can do?

Drawing of Elf Woman With Headdress Close Up