Fantasy Fairies
Fantasy Creatures

Pencil Drawings

There is nothing more fun in the world than creating your own fantasy drawings. I have fantasy images here that are designed to give you inspiration, and help you create all kinds of characters.

There are many different kinds of fantasy art characters, not just fairies.

This section is devoted to exploring the other areas of fairy tales, particularly the beautiful female characters.

But... the great thing about fantasy art, and why I call this page fantasy fairies and Fantasy Creatures - is because there is so much more that is "beautiful" than just the pretty fairy, or gorgeous princess of a fairytale.

I happen to love the wild creature in the woods too! She might be a peasant or a gypsy, or an amazing woman pirate.

There might be all kinds of adventuress women that have stories told about them, maybe a victorian explorer of the past, or the hidden worlds.! Oh boy this gets my creative juices flowing!

Any way, the point is, that these women are part of the fantasy art world too!

Exotic Women

Probably one of the first characters that comes to mind when you think of fantasy fairies, is that we will see some very exotic-looking women. Yep - no doubt about it!

But what is that really? Read more here...

Cajun Queen

I drew this woman because I just love the thought of a wise woman living in the bayou... there is so much magic out there!

Check out this drawing...

Female Pirates

Woman Pirate Fantasy Drawing Thumbnail

There are exotic women in many tales, some legends and some fairy tales.

Enjoy the gypsy women, women pirates, and even some medieval queens.

So copy the fantasy art of this section for practice. I love drawing a woman who is an adventuress.

I love girl pirates, and it is fun to capture some of the fantasy and mystery around the legends of women pirates.

Spend some time visiting the page and copy to your heart's content.

Aztec Princess

This little pencil sketch will give you an idea of what I mean about some different princesses, from the ancient past perhaps...

Egyptian Princess

Here is another exotic princess - she has the mystery of ancient worlds going for her.

Fairy Tale Princess

The reason I called this one a "fairytale princess" is because she gives the impression of being in the classic kind of kingdoms we think of in basic fairytales. At least in the north american culture. She comes from the world of knights and castles of the british isles and western europe.

Visit the page to see this little sketch...

Medieval Princesses

Here is another of our western-world fairytale princess look - she is very medieval. Oh, and don't get me wrong I love this look, and it is very important to fantasy art.

I think I better start adding some newer drawings to these sections.

Angels Drawings

I have decided to add angels to this section also, they do have wings!

Not only that, they are part of an old form of fantasy art that we can still adore and use in our modern fantasy stories.

Don't worry I am very respectful of the angel!

Sketches And Drawings Of Angels

I like what I did with this sketch - she is all wrapped up in her wings, as if fluttering down to the top of a mountain, in wind and snow!

Drawings Of Angel Wings

This is a nice sketch of a flourishing angel kind of wing - it is always good to soak up ideas about drawing wings! Very important in our fantasy drawing!

Goddess Art

Goddesses like angels have some very old "religious" connotations.

While we can use angels in our art - carefully - we can have way more latitude with the gods and goddesses of Roman and Greek Mythology - let's discuss...

Venus The Goddess

While venus has been drawn and painted for centuries by the great masters, I decided to create my own - not coming out of a shell or the sea. See what you think...

Diana Goddess

From what I understand, Diana can mean all kinds of different things in different mythological stories, but I did a version of her as the "huntress".

Here Are Some Of Those Other Characters!


Gypsy Women

Oh wow! - just looking at this drawing reminds me of how I have improved. This was one of my first attempts at drawing a see-through item of clothing. In fact it is a little crochet sweater that I put on this little gypsy woman.

Gypsy Dancers

This is also older, and a pretty good job of capturing some movement in my drawings. Even got some flow in the hair. This sense of movement starts to improve over time. So give it a try, and never get discouraged - just keep drawing - you will get it. That is what my video lessons in the school are all about - draw draw draw - it's the only way!

Gypsy Girls

Ah - definitely some improvement in this drawing, just the flow of her clothing shows that!


Mermaid Pictures

This is one of my newer drawings - and she is a floating and basking mermaid - just enjoying the beautiful sea around her. This drawing shows how to blend more and use highlighting for shine.

Sirens Mermaids

In this mermaid sketch I have attempted - pretty well, the drawing of water around her. You can see through the water, and have a sense of her hair floating. Yeah - pretty good.

Mermaid Swimming

This drawing was before the other (above) - probably one of my first attempts at drawing water, and floating hair.

It's okay - and you can see that I really let you see my early attempts - don't throw out your drawings - it's great to look back.

Here is an important drawing tip!

Draw every day! That is how to improve and grow.

Also, it doesn't hurt to get some of my experience. It could save you years of trial and error!