Fairy Drawings

Here you will find fairy images that are the original art of me Barb C., and is a record of my journey in drawing. It is a fairy art gallery of sorts of all pencil drawings.

I love drawing a fairy and there are so many ideas buzzing around my head. The links will take you to a drawing or sketch, designed to inspire and give you ideas to practice.

It is also a record of the increase in my drawing skill.

I want to show you it all - let it all hang out!

I have learned a lot, and want to pass it on. I am still learning, and each day I am humbled by this thing called fantasy art.

Newer Fairy Drawings!

A Nymph Fairy Looking For Adventure

This fairy is brand new, and she is a nymph - just adjusting her pack after a swim. Notice the diaphanous gown, if you master this skill you will be thrilled.

Mushroom Fairy Drawings

I cannot help but want to draw the fairies that live in the bottom of the forest. This is a new mushroom fairy! - she is one of the fairies that people in their third month of the School are already drawing!

They are tiny, but tough.

These fairies live in the underbrush of a forest, but with a particular attachment to the wild mushrooms and magical powers of the damp earth and all it's life-giving properties. Drawing wonderful little fairies with leaves, nuts and berries - perched on mushrooms will be fabulous experience.

Drawings Of Elves

This is a portrait of an Elven Queen. I have drawn her with a fabulous crown, and even a metal comb in her hair. Great exercise in drawing hair and metal objects. Do get your pencils out and give drawing her a try.

More Elves

There are all kinds of elves art, and in fact there are so many elves in fairy tales, that I just love drawing them. The new elf is a fantastic and elegant medieval lady. There is a lot of drawing to do with this amazing female. She has an incredible hairdo, and very grande clothing.

These Are Older - You Must Admit You Can Really See My Progression!

A Fairy About Love

Drawing this little beauty will keep you busy for a while. It is a good image for practicing your shading and highlighting of hair.

A Fairy Blowing In The Wind!

Take a look at this wind-swept beauty. Wind is a magical element of the world, and this fairy has the ability to manipulate the exciting wind. It will be very exciting as we experiment with drawing the wind together.

Queen Of The Fairies

This drawing works on the ideas of creating expressions and setting a mood. Check out the drawing, and try your hand at drawing her if you wish, or just taking inspiration from the idea.

Beautiful Fairies

This page will have really amazing fairies that are so a part of nature, they blend right in to the fragrant meadows and gardens in the natural world. They love the hot sunshine, buzzing of insects, and growth of spring and summer.

Bubble Fairy!

A bubble fairy is practically a whole subgenre on it's own. Every fairy artist out there has created their own bubble fairy. If you go to the link you can check out mine.

Fairy Pixies

I honestly have no idea what fairies who are pixies do, but I have imagined this one as sort of a cupboard fairy. A cupboard fairy will collect all kinds of household items and use them for their homes and their clothing. Check her out.

Water Fairy

I have this fairy playing in a waterfall. If you have never drawn water before, this will be very good practice.

Water Nymphs Fairies

I hope you enjoy drawing this little fairy. She is sitting by a river or pool, with her long waves of hair floating on top of the water. This is a good technique to learn.

Elf Princess

Here is an elf princess, pencil drawing - who is a warrior! She looks a little exhausted, as if she has just been in a fight.

There is also another elf princess, actually out riding her beautiful pony.

Young Nymphs Fairies

I like this beautiful elf, she is dressed in a medieval ladies dress, and has a quite intense headdress.

Drawing Of A Fairy Face!

I love to draw faces, and fairies have the most expressive qualities. Our job as artists is to imagine and then illustrate that magical quality.

Fairy Pictures

These images are really old, from when I first put up images. I colored them with pencil crayons. They are still pretty cool.