Face Sketches

Pencil Drawing of Face Number One

Here are some face sketches that will help you pull all of the elements of a face together. These pictures are good practice, and real encouragement for drawing faces.

You will love drawing and sketching faces, and your drawing skill will greatly improve.

Get your pencils and paper ready, start the outline and use all of the info you have learned to create the eyes, nose, mouth, and put them together into a face.

Sketch One (Above)

This sketch is very soft, a very sweet face with soft loving looking eyes, a delicate nose, and gently resting lips. I have left the hair with just a suggestion that she could have soft curls surrounding her face. You can create the kind of hair that you might like when you draw the portrait. When doing face sketches use your pencil softly, or you can create a different mood with harsher pencil strokes.

Enjoy the picture and the one you create.

Sketch Two

Pencil Drawing of Face Number Two

This sketch of a fairy face has a squarer look, a little more harsh face. She looks a little feisty, and notice that her mouth is slightly open, and this drawing shows you how to create a face with the lips parted, and some teeth showing. Mastering this could be very good for drawing a vampire, in fact you can experiment with this now if you want.

Otherwise draw this pretty fairy face, and notice that I even added some fairy makeup - a tattoo just under one eye. This is also very fun when drawing fairy faces.

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Sketch Three

Pencil Drawing of Face Number Three

This face, illustrates a facial expression that is funky and slightly silly. She just has a look in her eyes that gives the impression of someone who is enjoying whatever entertainment she is involved with. She is just really up to something. She looks excited - just with the eyes, and face. These sketches will teach a lot about how to draw facial expressions.

Notice that I have decorated this fairy face with flowers in her hair and even more tattooing.

As you practice your skill will get to the point where you can play with ideas easily.

Now I don't want you to think I'm saying that everything on this page is perfect. I see flaws in my own drawings all the time, but instead of fretting about it, I just move on to another drawing. That is how you get better. You will notice that this is a theme in all of my teaching, just love what you draw and then move on!

I can see eyes that are not evenly spaced, or other lines I could have added, these are all part of drawing face sketches.