Evil Fairies

This Evil Fairies section is full of the really bad fairies of fairytales and all kinds of gruesome tales. These free drawings of bad fairies are just waiting for you to make your own evil fairy fantasy art.

Drawing of Evil Dungeon Dweller Fairy

We are going to have so much fun, as I add more and more evil drawings to this section.

I love drawing a spooky, dangerously evil fairy in really eerie surroundings.

Dungeon Dweller

She is quite creepy - dripping with the dampness and mold of the dungeon.

Yet, still quite beautiful.

I really like her ripped and neglected dress and wings.

The details of a drawing really help to create something special.

It is also the details that can grab a viewer's attention, and help if you are trying to develop a different character, for concept art, or comic art.

What ever your passion is, working on your drawing is of prime importance.

I love her corset, as it is ill-fitting, and looks really old.

Ageing of the clothing is a lot of fun, and quite a challenge.

Notice that she carries the keys around her waist - could they be the keys to dungeon cells?

Have fun with this - with any fairy or warrior what are they doing?

What are they carrying?

This adds to your art.

She Is Actually Beautiful Close Up

This close up gives you an idea of how to shade and really form the features.

I just love this frightening beauty.

Close Up Face Drawing of Dungeon Dweller Fairy

Draw to your heart's content - as long as your drawings are for your own personal use, I am happy to provide images to copy, or inspiration.

Another Creepy Fairy!

I think this character is obsessively contemplating something quite evil.

She could be like the queen in Sleeping Beauty - Maleficent who is trying to decide what gift she should bestow upon the sweet little baby Aurora.

Drawing of Evil Creepy Fairy

What do you think?

Can you draw her? If you need some free lessons try my how to draw area, or if you require more advanced help consider my drawing book, and you will be drawing all this free practice - easily.

Here Is Her Face - Get Close...

Drawing of Evil Creepy Fairy Face Up Close

Again get a good look at the sketchy lines I have used to form the features.

Relax when you draw and you will be pleased with what you create.

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