Evil Dragons

Terrifying Drawing of Dragon

We will have so much fun with these cool evil dragons!

Don't be frightened as you put pencil to paper and copy these free dragon images.

Imagine this terrifying dragon, and I really had fun with the giant mouth full of teeth, and the wings like bat wings. Dark and ferocious.

Terrifying Dragon

Can you start drawing this guy?

Sketch a very loose outline, and remember these drawings are here for you to copy, or just for inspiration!

So get to work and draw them.

I would suggest using a graphite pencil and an eraser, until you like the sketchy outline, smooth out into a line drawing, or jump right into the shading, these are techniques.

During the outline you can add or alter any of the elements, and then you start shaping the line drawing.

Finally, get the shading happening and you will see life come into your pencil drawing.

For some free drawing instruction try my how to draw section, and if you are way past that consider a copy of my drawing book!.

I have not completed my dragon drawing book yet, it is coming, so subscribe to my free monthly e-zine so you get in on the release!

Back to drawing this dragon...

How About a Close Up?

Terrifying Close Up Drawing of Dragon

Scary Monster Raptor Dragon

This guy looks like a variation of a dinosaur and a dragon - I was playing with the idea of a dragon that runs really fast like a raptor.

He looks pretty strong and energetic - I wouldn't want to try to outrun him.

Oh yeah I gave him wings too.

Drawing of a Raptor Dragon

Raptor Dragon Close Up

Close Up Drawing of a Raptor Dragon

The close up can really help you get well... closer!