Elves Art

Elves have been depicted in all kinds of stories and movies, so we have to create some elves art of our own.

An elf can of course be a fairy, or are they more a race of people living in the dark ages of our history?

Whatever, they are certainly great subjects for our purposes, which is drawing.

This Is My Beautiful Medieval Lady Elf!

I have drawn her in formal attire - very beautiful and resplendant in her medieval tunic dress. Notice the flow of the sleeves?

Elves have been drawn as small and cute in many fairy tales, but I love the tall elegant looking elves from movies such as Lord of The Rings.

I have created this grand lady with a beautiful hairdo, dripping in pearls, and adorned by braids. She is very elegant.

There are lots of layers of shading in this drawing, so have fun with it! - Remember if you want to really learn more about drawing, join my Free Drawing Club. pencil drawing of an elegant medieval lady - elf