Dragon Art
Dragon Drawings!

If you are interested in drawing dragons, and maybe you already love drawing and sketching and just need some inspiration or practice in your creations, this page will show you a bunch of my dragonart.

Well, here you are - interested in dragon drawing? Just browsing? Whatever the reason you are here, you are welcome to view my dragon art. I'm Barb C. and there was a time I would have told you there was no way that I could draw a dragon.

But as you will see from the following, over the last ten years or so, I have learned. I have made lots of mistakes, and learned some secrets.

I don't mind letting it all hang out... so check out the pages below...

Dragon Picture

This page will help you to reflect and to think about how to make a dragon picture in your head. Whenever you sit down to draw, it is important to have an idea, a story that you want to create.

Dark Dragons

Thumbnail Drawing of Sabre Tooth Dragon Head

This Dark Dragons section is all about dragon sketches of as many evil dragons, really dark gothic dragon art, as I can imagine.

Dark Dragons are the really terrifying dragons, and this page is just my opportunity to give you a selection of my scariest dragons.

Dragons Head

You are going to thrill to this page, with dragons heads - kind of portraits of some really dark dragons.

I will be adding more over time, so keep checking back.

Fire Breathing Dragons

Thumbnail drawing of Fire Breathing Dragon

This is the page with the ultimate scary dragon. Nothing can out do a massive-no huge fire-breathing dragon.

Thank goodness all you have to do is draw him, so get your pencil and paper ready.

Evil Dragons

Thumbnail of Terrifying Dragon Drawing

What does a really Terrifying Dragon look like?

It has mean looking, sharp scales, and bat like wings.

The jaws have to be particularly menacing and it should look like it is attacking.

What you really want to do is check out my evil dragons page.

Drawing a dragon like this is so much fun.

I'm going to get back to work and come up with some more.

Shading really adds to the impact.

So go to evil dragons and have a go at it.

Steel Dragons

Thumbnail Drawing of Steel Dragon Roaring

I love working on creating armor - and these Steel Dragons are like dragons made out of armor.

Dragons Of The Deep

For eons people have feared giant sea monsters and dragons living in the depths of the ocean. Did you know that's even why the Vikings put dragons on the front of their ships? While it was to scare people as they came over the waves, it was also to scare any sea monsters around.

Leafy Sea Dragons

The dragon on this page is pretty sweet looking. You can really see the pencil work involved, and are welcome to draw him. Even his scales look kind of leafy - like he is from deep in a sea weedy area.

Dragons Through Time

What can I say, people have drawn, talked about, written about, imagined and carved dragons throughout and probably before history.

This section will play with those ideas.

Ancient Dragons

By ancient I mean here really old - almost like dinosaurs - could this be where the idea of dragons came from?

Mythical Dragon Drawings

Myths had all kinds of dragon stories, so I created my own - how about a dragon that was considered an Oracle?

Medieval Dragons

There are old folk tales (not really fairy tales) where they believed that dragons made people sick - poisoning water, brought plagues, etc.

Dragons Of Fairy Tales

Western Dragons

This guy is kind of cool - he is perched on a building, probably in a small fairy tale town - looking for his next meal.

Give drawing him a try!

Dragon Sculpture

This dragon is an early attempt at making him look sculpted.

Dragons Lair

Thumbnail Drawing of Dragon in Dragons Lair

I mean what would happen if you stumbled upon a Dragons Lair? What would you face as he came roaring out?

Dragon Sleeping

Thumbnail Drawing of Sleeping Dragon

This Dragon Sleeping Page will have the worst dragons you will ever see! These are the ones that you might come across while walking in rather innocent looking places. Check out this first dragon sleeping.

Dragons And Characters

Dragon Force

Imagine a whole team of warriors that work with and fight against evil with their own force of dragons?

Sounds great for comic book drawing!

Dragon Trainer

I have a drawing here of a beautiful fairy - who works with young dragons and trains them

Dragon Riders

Characters that ride dragons into battle.