Dark Fantasy Art

This fantasy art gallery includes all kinds of great characters that I love to draw. Nothing is more fascinating than warriors, vampires and scary gothic characters - humanoids that either live in the dark, or think darkly!

If you are interested in drawing fantasy, you have to master the ability to make characters look evil. After all there has to be a villain, even a disney movie has a scary looking bad guy (or gal).

I really suggest drawing all the time. When you get an idea, try to draw it right away. Many artists carry a sketch book with them all the time. This would be an excellent practice.

This site is like my sketch book - and these characters are the result of lots of practice. Some of them are better than others. That is the great thing about drawing.

If you do it, you just keep on improving.

Warrior Queens - Comic Book and Fantasy

Warrior Queen Drawings

This little fairy - I call Trouble!

She is a newer fairy and she just looks like she is a bit of a rebellious little princess - who may become the queen.

Barbarian Queen Drawings

This drawing is a little older, I still really like her look!

It's as if she is from the plains of Mongolia or something.

Queen Of Swords Drawings

This drawing is of a beautiful queen who is turning to look at her troops, gathering energy before they face their foe.

I am pretty pleased with the swooping of her hair, and the grasp on her sword.

Warriors From History

Ancient Warriors Drawings

I have drawn this warrior as if he is bent over in pain, he has just been injured in a battle. Go ahead and give drawing him a try. See how you do.

Ancient Vikings Drawings

Here I have created a very young looking viking. Actually he seems a little pretty. This is an older drawing, and I used to have an issue with this.

Getting better. Still worth drawing.

Celtic Warrior Drawings

This guy is a nice little sketch. I like the way he is grasping two swords, one he is pulling from a sheath on his back. Looks like he's ready to get into the fight.

Also older, but a nice sketch.

Battle Knight Drawings

Like him! He is even wearing a pretty cool helmet.

Carrying a really big club! ugh!

Monsters and Warriors With Monsters

Monster Drawings

Monster Quest Drawings

Okay now we're talking, although this is an older drawing, I am beginning to capture that sense of movement. He is also with a very scary looking monster dog.

Female Vampires

Female Vampire Art Drawings

Vampire Women Drawings

This drawing is still one of my favs. I hope you can see how the movement is starting to come into my drawings. She's fun, cause she is modern, looks like a vampire who could be from True Blood.

One of the parts of the drawing I like very much is the long trench coat. Got to do more drawings with this element.

Female Dracula Drawings

This is an early drawing too. But I still like her. She has a sense of movement, and I even named her "Cecilia".

Maybe I should do that again soon.

Brides Of Dracula Drawings

These I would say are unapologetically sweet little pin ups of vampires. They are very cute.

Vampires Of All Kinds!

Vampire Drawings

Dracula Characters Drawings

An older drawing, not bad of Lestadt - from Queen of Blood movie.

Fantasy Vampire Art/Drawings

This vampire is obviously some kind of creepy elf vampire. Like the sense of movement in this sketch.

You'll find this with your art, the more you practice, suddenly you will start to see things happening in your sketches that you didn't before.

Nosferatu The Vampyre Drawings

Again, an elf vampire - definitely severe (and stiff), but I do like the style.

Cool Evil Fae

Gothic Pencil Drawings

Dark Faeries Drawings

This little fairy is very cute. She does look like she is up to no good, but not too scary.

Pretty good job of playing with the idea of lace in the fan.

Evil Fairies Drawings

Now this evil fairy, I could see in a creepy story. She roams the halls of dungeons!

What's up with that?

But she has a nice ragged quality - even in her wings!

Goth Fairy Drawings

An older drawing, but still getting some sense of movement in her, could have done a much better job with the boots. They look like they're from Walmart? What?

Gothic Fairy Art/Drawings

Like this one, she's older too, but has a savage from the forest, but still scifi - look!

I think she could be kind of evil looking in the right setting.