Dark Faeries

I have a fascination with Dark Faeries, or at least creating dark drawings of them. There is something about creating a somewhat evil piece of faery art. I just imagine the beauty in that dark creature. Here is another great practice drawing - come and draw.

Drawing of a Dark Fairy With a Mask Large

This little faery is very beautiful, and a little charmer, perhaps a little witchy. She definitely has a dark faery aura, she has either got a secret, or a really sad mood. I think I created this fairy as more of an experiment in creating a transparent mask and fanciful gothic fairy wings. In drawing I find it important to experiment and try new techniques. On this page I will show you the new things I've been working on.

If you want to draw a dark fairy for a fairy-tale story, or a villain in a game, remember the elements of evil can be illustrated by adding a dark evil cape, or black lace, perhaps a harsh cruel looking face.

What ever you use to transform the mood of your dark drawing, also think about the drawing technique. Smearing and blending the pencil will help with your presentation of an aura or mood.

If you are ready to draw the free practice on this site, go for it, if you want some very simple basic lessons check out my free how to draw.

Here is my Dark Fairy or Mask Faery

Notice her bright and intense eyes, under the wispy dark hair.

I also designed the hair to look a little modern, that layered wispy look.

That is really fun when creating art, mixing up time periods.

This Faery is wearing smooth leather lace-up pants to look a little medieval, and the scrunched leather boots give you the feeling she could be in an ancient castle.

Then add a modern stretch sweater and you're not sure where or when this faery exists.

When creating the fashion for your art feel free to have fun with it.

I enjoy playing with it, of course if you really want a more traditional dark faery, perhaps you should choose clothing that really pinpoints the mood, but I think you expand as an artist if you change it up!

The element of lace adds the drama.

A lace see-through mask creates some dark mystery.

Her lacy dark wings add a lot of texture to the composition.

Drawing texture takes some decision-making, and planning.

A texture always adds some interest in a drawing.

You can play with different ideas by doing different things with the pencil.

Try circles, or squiggles, and then shear very light pressure over top pulls the whole thing together.

Here is the Close Up!

First look at the close up carefully, and if you want to create that magical mask, try just outlining it lightly over the drawing, and then gently and very softly with your pencil create your textured pattern, and shade a shear layer over the mask. Now take that "kneaded eraser" if you have one, or another art eraser and very carefully drag it over the masked area.

This will create the see-through look.

If you want you can add a little more pattern and dark shading for the mask, and/or add something to the drawing underneath. Play with it until you like the look.

Drawing of a Dark Fairy With a Mask Close Up

Take a good look at her facial expression, and the fact that I created this as a sort of sad faery, she seems a little torn or distraught about something.

It is a challenge to learn about drawing facial expressions, and there is so much to learn about this.

Remember that you are having fun, and finishing a drawing.

You have learned something and can always create a new drawing.

This is how you become prolific - by not fussing too much!

Keep practicing.

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