Celtic Warrior

The world of ancient legend really has to have a celtic warrior to fight for freedom and to fight the dragons of Scotland.

Celtic Warrior Drawing

Old Castles and very well muscled warriors are the free drawings here.

You have to try drawing those fantasy muscle men.

Wow, this scottish warrior is very handsome.

This Is My First Celtic Warrior

Reminds me of Mel Gibson in the movie BraveHeart.

He definitely has a hero kind of look.

Is he fighting for his freedom, or fighting the oppression of evil dragons?

Start with an outline again, posing very carefully, and yet using an easy motion with your pencil.

You are trying to capture some movement.

You will certainly learn a lot about drawing and shading, just not as much on big strong warrior types.

Just copying human anatomy will develop your skill and knowledge - so keep on drawing.

No matter what you will improve.

Notice that this warrior is actually using two swords, and I am going to show all kinds of different weapons on other free pages - coming.

In this case he is using two swords, one in each hand.

Drawing metal is quite a challenge, and when we get more into weaponry we will practice drawing, highlighting and shading in order to create the look of metal.

Also, he is wearing a kilt, with a very scottish bag around his hips.

Close Up - Notice the Male Features

Male features are more square, chiseled and larger than women's.

Chins and cheekbones are bigger and squarer.

Your pencil strokes can also be stronger and less precise.

You know rougher.

Noses are broad - this illustrates strength, and the eyebrows are bushier.

Lips are straight and severe - thinner, but wide.

Well, give this a try, and I promise more great looking ancient warriors are coming.

Celtic Warrior Drawing Close Up

So get out your pencil and eraser and get to work drawing this guy.