Beautiful Fairies

There are beautiful fairies, that look like little angels, under every leaf, buzzing around all the flowers in the meadows. Here is another to get inspiration from, and draw for free!

Wild Sweet Fairy With Tattoo Drawing

Each tiny blossom is undeniably attractive to this little charmer.

This lovely beautiful fae is stretching and enjoying the smells and sounds of a meadow!

I imagine that she is perched on a rock overlooking a waterfall, or a sleepy brook.

Remember we are creating art, and only your imagination can limit it!

Close your eyes and visualize the scene surrounding this...

Wild Sweet Fairy

Notice this fairy has loosely tied hair, and she is basking gently in the sunshine.

Her hair shines and her wings (which are wild and wispy themselves) are transparent and float in the breeze.

Notice she is not wearing more than a loin cloth, and her wild tattoos on her shoulder.

When I draw nudity (which has to happen with fairies and mermaids etc.) I am very careful to handle it tastefully.

So get your pencil and paper and get to work on this online drawing and copying lesson.

This fae has all kinds of the magical qualities so often associated with the little beauties - transparent wings, tattoos and fairy make up.

By the way there is more coming about fairy make up and ways to add that magic

Their hair will be magnificient, shiny flowing free or tied loosely with bits of grass and weeds.

When you draw these please feel free to add whatever aspects you would like to see, all revolving around the natural and super natural world that they live in.

Close Up - Looking Up!

Notice that this fairy's face is turned up towards the sunshine, she does appear to be enjoying it - don't you think?

This is good - learning to draw the face tilted upwards.

I have also shown her shoulder with the fairy tattoos that you can copy or even alter and create your own version.

Wild Sweet Fairy With Tattoo Drawing Close up