Barbarian Queen

This barbarian queen is my interpretation of one of many mythical female warriors, an imaginary figure dressed in her furs and weapons. Have a ball drawing her

Drawing of a Fantasy Mongolian Princess

I love this drawing and hope that you use this page to get your paper and pencil out and start sketching.

This is so important, if you have a good piece of drawing paper, a drawing pencil, and an eraser, you are ready to draw.

Are you excited to get to it?

If you have an idea, go for it.

Or use this image for inspiration...

That is really the purpose of these great free practice pages - ideas...

Each page shows you some fantasy art that you could draw.

There are so many subjects that I can't even keep up with my imagination.

You won't be able to either.

This young woman is from a time past, and I tried to add a little personality both in her appearance and the determined look in her face.

When you envision a drawing in your head, even if the details are faint - you should go for it.

Even if you only have a feeling about her persona - the rest will just happen if you push through to completion.

Don't get frustrated if your skill needs a little polishing - there are some very simple free lessons at how to draw.

And believe me I am still always improving.

So Let's Get Drawing

Work on this sketch - perhaps changing things here and there.

I didn't draw any swords or shields on this character.


Well, with the next one I will have to be sure to get lots happening in the details.

I like her stance, it is one of authority.

She looks like a woman to be reckoned with.

What do you think?

This sketch could also be livened up by placing her in front of her tent or on the steps of a castle wall.

Notice I created a fur slung around her shoulders.

I also went with a really wild hairstyle, held only by an arrow or some kind of stick with feathers on the ends.

Get Closer

Here you get a good look at her sketched face, and the loose flowing drawing of her hair.

Sketching like this is always a good way to get your ideas on to paper, and eventually onto a canvas.

Remember that you are probably down the road wanting to set up the composition for a painting.

Or even set the character up for adding to a digital art landscape.

Close Up Drawing of a Fantasy Mongolian Princess Face

You could also make her much more muscled, and perhaps dressed a little more skimpily.

Or since she is from a cold land, she could be put into a cloak of furs to keep warm.

Look for more coming about clothing - and being your own fashion designer as you draw - coming soon!

I promise.

Let your ideas flow and remember that an artist draws and sketches a lot, while forming your ideas.

Do You Draw?

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