The Ugly Duckling Fairy Tale

The Ugly Duckling Fairy Tale is a about a little ugly duckling who turns into a swan, it is one of the anderson fairy tales and you will love reading these online fairy tales.

On a beautiful sunny day by an old farm house set by a cool flowing river was a spot where a mother duck sat on her nest.

She was watching and waiting for her chicks to hatch from the small eggs. She was getting very tired of waiting for her ducks and she felt lonely as the other ducks were enjoying their swim in the river.

Finally, one egg cracked, and then another and from each egg came a living creature that lifted its head and cried, "Peep, peep."

"Quack, quack," said the mother, and then they all quacked as well as they could.

She was talking to them about how big the world was - and the chicks couldn't wait to explore the garden. "Are you all out?" she said as she was rising.

"No, I declare, the largest egg lies there still. I wonder how long this is to last, I am quite tired of it." She seated herself again on the nest.

"Well, how are you getting on?" asked an old duck, who paid her a visit.

"One egg is not hatched yet", said the duck.

But look at all the others, are they not the prettiest little ducklings you ever saw?

"Let me see the egg that will not break," said the old duck.

"I have no doubt it is a turkey's egg. Yes, that is a turkey's egg; take my advice, leave it where it is and teach the other children to swim."

"I think I will sit on it a little while longer," said the duck."I have sat so long already, that a few days will be nothing."

Finally the egg cracked and a young one crept out crying, "Peep, peep."

It was very large and ugly. The duck stared at it and wondered if it was indeed a turkey. One way to test it is to take it into the water. It must learn to swim.

The next day the weather was so nice and sunny that she led all her ducklings into the water. They all jumped in after her and although the water went over their heads they all came up swimming very nicely.

The ugly duckling was also swimming with the others.

"So" thought the mother "He is my child."

With that the mother led all her chicks into the barnyard, where two duck families were fighting over a fish head.

The mother duck introduced her new born chicks, and a nasty duck said that they were all beautiful except for that really big ugly one. "Is there not something you could do with him?"

The mother duck defended him by saying that he could swim as well or even better than the others and when he grows up he may be prettier.

Well, the other ducks stared at him and one flew at him biting him in the neck.

It got so bad in the barnyard, with the ducks making fun of him and even the chickens chasing after him and calling him names, that the ugly duckling finally decided to run away.

He ended up in a field full of wild geese and they were actually nice to him. They said he was ugly but they still like him. Unfortunately, some loud noises sounded like "Pop, pop." Blue smoke rose and there were very vicious looking dogs running through the long grass. The poor duckling hid his head and hoped for the best. Then a vicious dog stuck his nose in and looked right at the ugly duckling, but then ran off.

The duckling thought that he must be so ugly even the dogs were afraid of him. He sat in the grass for a long time afraid to move. Finally, when it was quiet he started walking out of the moor and over fields and meadows for a long time. When a windy storm came up and the rain poured down on him he kept walking, but he was so exhausted when he finally came upon a small wooden cottage where a hen, and old woman and a cat lived.

He noticed that the door was not quite closed and it looked warm and comforting so he crept inside.

When the old lady saw him she hoped that he was a duck who might lay eggs so she let him stay.

The tom cat was definitely the master of the house, and the hen was the mistress. They always said "we and the world" for they thought that they were at least half of the world, and the better half.

The duckling had a feeling this was incorrect but the hen spoke up and told him to mind his manners. "Can you lay eggs?" she asked"Can you raise your back, or purr?" asked the cat."No"

So they sat the duckling in a corner, and he was not happy until the sun came up and the fresh air came into the room through the open door, and he began to feel such a great longing for a swim on the water, that he could not help telling the hen.

"What an absurd idea," said the hen.

"But it is so delightful to swim about on the water", said the duckling, "and so refreshing to feel it close over your head, while you dive down to the bottom."

"Delightful, indeed" said the hen. "Why you must be crazy, ask the cat, his is the cleverest animal I know, ask him how he would like to swim about on the water, or to dive under it?"

"I am only telling you how foolish this is as a friend, and suggest you learn to lay eggs and purr, in a hurry."

He knew he had to leave and went out to a river and enjoyed the swimming. However, he kept away from other creatures because he knew of his ugliness.

Finally, summer was turning to autumn and it was close to winter, when he saw a flock of the most unusual birds he had ever seen. They were pure white with long graceful necks and the ugly duckling felt the most admiration for any creature he had every felt. At once they spread their huge wings and flew up in the air leaving the river and flying out over the large lake.

The ugling duckling felt such an urge that he had never felt before. He wanted to join those birds. They were the royalty of all birds. He decided that the next time he saw those birds he would approach them and because of his ugliness they would probably kill him. He decided that would be fine.

So when he saw the large white graceful birds again, with their long necks bending down into the water he was determined to approach them. As he did he looked into the water as they did and instead of seeing a grey ugly bird that he had always seen, he saw another long-necked beautiful white bird.

Suddenly, he heard children on the sand yelling to their mother "that there was new one" and the rest were delighted, and they rant to their father and mother, dancing and clapping their hands, and shouting joyously. "There is another swan come; a new one has arrived."

Then they threw more bread and cake into the water, and said, "The new one is the most beautiful of all ; he is so young and pretty." And the old swans bowed their heads before him.

He felt quite ashamed, and hid his head under his wing. He was so happy, and yet not at all proud. He had been persecuted and despised for his ugliness, and now he heard them say he was the most beautiful of all the birds.

The sun shone warm and bright. He rustled his feathers, curved his slender neck, and cried joyfully, from the depths of his heart, "I never dreamed of such happiness as this, while I was an ugly duckling."

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