Sleeping Beauty Coloring Pages

These sleeping beauty coloring pages blend together the classic fairy tale showing many sleeping beauty images including maleficent and the gorgeous sleeping beauty prince.

Sleeping Beauty was one of my favorite fairy tales when I was a kid. I actually loved Disney's Sleeping Beauty movie - and still do. I think it was the backgrounds more than anything. If you look at the trees in the background when Aurora was singing in the woods - wow! To a budding artist the colors were amazing. If you get a chance to see it again, notice the shades of greens and greys, the wonderful trees. That should be enough to inspire you to color. So get busy and be experimental with the shades you use.

Princess Aurora

This is a picture of the young princess sleeping - she has just been born, and her parents - the King and Queen have anxiously awaited their first child. They are very proud.

Thumbnail Drawing of Princess Aurora Coloring Page

Sleeping Beauty Characters

There are other characters in the sleeping beauty fairy tale - remember the really cute nice fairies? These are my version of the fairies. They are giving princess Aurora some gifts.

Thumbnail Drawing of Sleeping Beauty Characters Coloring Page

Maleficent From Sleeping Beauty

Oh no, the evil fairy - she has a gift too...She has real problems and is jealous of the beautiful baby, so she puts an evil spell on her that she will prick her finger when she is sixteen and die. Oh no, she is scary.

Thumbnail Drawing of Malificent From Sleeping Beauty Coloring Page

Sleeping Beauty At The Cottage

This is sleeping beauty almost grown up - she was taken by the good fairies to protect her from the evil spell. She is quietly living in the lovely woods with the three good fairies.

Thumbnail Drawing of Sleeping Beauty and Her Cottage Coloring Page

Sleeping Beauty Prince

Thumbnail Drawing of Sleeping Beauty's Prince Coloring Page

Sleeping Beauty Dancing

This is what the Prince is looking at...

Aurora is dancing in the woods - she is happy and looking forward to growing up.

Thumbnail Drawing of Sleeping Beauty Dancing Coloring Page

Sleeping Beauty Sleeping

After Maleficent gets hold of Aurora she does help her prick her finger - and she goes to sleep for a hundred years. But... she can be saved if the prince can get to her - slay the dragon etc. and then kiss her awake. Well... it is a good story.

Thumbnail Drawing of Aurora Sleeping Coloring Page

Here Is Sleeping Beauty Awaking From Her Sleep

Check out this coloring page for more Sleeping Beauty Princess Fairy fun!

Sleeping Beauty Ballet

Here they are happily laughing and dancing - doing a very wonderful ballet at their wedding.

Thumbnail Sleeping Beauty Ballet Coloring Page

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