Sea Gods

Sea Gods and who they are? Practically every culture throughout history had their own version of a sea god. Some of the stories are amazing!

Norse Sea Gods

The Ancient Norsemen had two Sea Gods. One was the giant Aegir.

He was the Master of the calm far reaches of the ocean, and his name meant "Sea".

His mate was the Goddess Ran, and she had a great hunger for human conquests.

She trained her daughters to use large nets that would engulf a ship and bring it to the dark depths of the ocean.

There the horror started, as the ghosts of the dead had to live on in the icy darkness. There was no peace.

The Greek Sea Gods

Poseidon was the Greek God of the Sea.

He was also known as Neptune.

He was all powerful over a myriad of other less-powerful Sea Lords who were his children. He was also the leader of the legendary Merfolk who were really all the Mermaids, and the Selkies.

Poseidon rode a golden chariot behind a hundred white horses all dripping with the wealth of the Sea.

Jewels and Pearls, beautiful shells!

They rode the waves and his horses were the surf.

The Sea Gods were considered to be members of the race called Merfolk.

There at the bottom of the ocean were giant castles, or palaces made of crystal.