Movie Star Doll

Movie Star Doll, Come and enjoy the dress up clothes I have created for this 1950s paper dolls. I always loved movie fashion, and 50s costumes so this is my paper doll

Thumbnail Drawing of Movie Star Bow Dress

Here is my Movie Star Doll - somewhat inspired by actresses like the Jayne Mansfield or Marilyn Monroe type. There probably were Marilyn Monroe Paper Dolls... I'll bet on it!

Ah the glamor of the movies...

We all love celebrities

She is created with a 1950's style, and I can just imagine her walking down the red carpet to the oscars in a dress that captivates our hearts.

She has the short curly hair and a little overdone lips and eyebrows. You know the type - and go ahead and color putting that overdone makeup on her.

Red Carpet Dress

The First dress is one that I imagine her walking down the red carpet in!

What do you think - Is it a little garish?

Maybe too much?

That is the fun of dress up games - we can go crazy with the design of her clothing.

Here is the Movie Star Doll

Thumbnail Drawing of Movie Star Doll

click on the Doll

Shopping Dress

How about an outfit with a pill-box hat for shopping?

Thumbnail Drawing of Movie Star Shopping Dress

click on the dress

Meeting Royalty

What about an exotic dress with an eastern or asian flair?

Perhaps this gorgeous celebrity is being presented to a king.

Thumbnail Drawing of Movie Star Exotic Dress

click on the dress

Costume Ball

But don't forget the very popular Costume Ball's that they always held in old Hollywood.

You will have such a "ball" printing out the clothes, coloring them, and setting them up in your imaginary palace.

If you liked the glamour of this 1950s Movie Star Doll you might want to follow the link to some real glamor dolls.

Thumbnail Drawing of Movie Star Costume Ball Dress

click on the dress

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