Mermaids - what is the History of Mermaids? - are mermaids for real? Is there such a thing as mermaid transformation - we have all heard the legends of mermaids - what is the truth?

They love jewels, and they have been seen on moonlit nights sitting on rocks and combing their long hair.

Apparently they are common along the rocky coasts of Britain.

In daytime they enjoy the sun as much as we do...

They love to spread themselves out on the sand.

Sometimes on beautiful linens covered with jewels.

They have access to some of the greatest riches of the world, from the natural riches formed in the sea...

to the lost treasures of man sunk beneath the waves for thousands of years.

A Tale

There is a story reported by two young girls who met such a creature on a beach.

Usually, it is said, that any who were spotted by humans would quickly wrap up their treasures and dive to the bottom of the sea, hoping not to be seen.

Hundreds of years ago on a fine day, two children reported that a mermaid gave them each a lovely piece of linen, wrapping some unknown prize.

She made them promise to not open it until they were safely at home.

At this point the mermaid dove into the sparkling waters and waved gayly to the young girls.

Both the girls were very excited about opening the packages, and apparently one could not wait.

She opened the small linen and found only dirt.

The other young child waited until she got home as instructed, and was rewarded by a treasure of several gem-encrusted rings, and a pearl necklace.

Is it just a Mermaid Tail?

It is a story...

believe it or not...

but it certainly teaches children about obeying instructions.

Many tales of folk-lore have a moral at the end.

Good and Evil

There are some mermaids who did evil deeds

Their beautiful and enchanting voices have been known to lure large ships to violent ends on sharp rocks.

It is even said that they could make the storms to cause peril on the sea.

Some that did good deeds.

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