Mermaid Paper Doll

This Mermaid Paper Doll is a little mermaid doll, with all kinds of mermaid costumes. So come and play a free mermaid game.

Thumbnail Drawing of Mermaid Paper Doll

Free Printable Paper Doll

Come and play.

She has some fun deep sea, swirling ocean inspired clothing.

My paper dolls are ready for coloring, all you have to do is click on the thumbnail and print the image.

The first image is the Doll.

I suggest you paste or glue to a piece of cardboard, and then cut it out.

click on the images for larger image

Carmen Miranda Dress

The first dress is a Carmen-Miranda style dress made of shells and pearls.

p.s.: Carmen Miranda was a dancer and singer in the 1920's who had the wildest outfits.

I picture her in riotous color.

Can't you just see this Mermaid Paper Doll dressed in silks and satins shining in the ocean water.

We could even imagine this outfit as being a mermaid wedding gown.

Thumbnail Drawing of Mermaid Paper Doll Carmen Dress

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Gothic Mermaid

Next is the dark Gothic Mermaid - some mermaids can be kind of dark.

I picture this mermaid in sleek shiny black...

but of course the water would reflect blue and purple, aqua green... whatever you imagine.

This mermaid fairy costume is definitely in the evil category.

If you are really into a Gothic Mermaid Paper Doll you might enjoy some Gothic Fairies at the link.

Thumbnail Drawing Mermaid Paper Doll Goth Dress

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Shell Dress

The last dress is another shell dress, with petals...

perhaps added to her dress as she swam by a beautiful coral garden. The colors could be peaches and cream...or bright orange and pinks.

Or anything you put together, the blues and purples of perhaps an underwater bird.

Thumbnail Drawing Mermaid Paper Doll Shell Dress

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