Mermaid Coloring Page

These Mermaid Coloring Pages will have you having a lot of coloring fun with these beauties swimming and splashing in the waves

Do you love Mermaids? Do you think the Little Mermaid is probably your favorite story? I always imagine the colors of the ocean for my mermaids and wish to entice you to use your imagination and use every color when playing with Mermaids.

Thumbnail Drawing of a Selkie Coloring Page

What is a Mermaid?

What is a Mermaid? Mermaids are Merfolk and live at the bottom of the ocean in Crystal Palaces...or a mermaid castle. On this Mermaid Coloring Page you will find out about different kinds of mermaids, and most importantly how to color them.

A Mermaid Crystal Palace?

Just imagine a Palace with a Mermaid swimming all around.

See the colors, and the rays of sunshine from the surface reflecting on the white sparkling walls. Perhaps there is a mermaid forest all around the grounds with fabulous coral reefs. Since these are mermaid pictures, don't forget the importance of the reflective water and sunshine.

Mermaid Tail

Thumbnail Drawing Mermaid Tail Coloring Page The next coloring picture is of a mermaid just admiring her tail. She is basking in the sunshine and enjoying the day. The sunshine and splashing water can be imagined all around her. What color is this mermaid's tail, is she sparkling with pink and purple. Greens of many shades can be mixed in. Actually you could make her bright red and orange and that would be great too.

Ideas for Coloring

Every mermaid has the body of a human on the top half and the body of a fish on the bottom half. So every mermaid has a tail, which could be of green and purple scales. You can add scales and any detail you like to any mermaid. You could imagine shells and seaweed attached to every mermaids tail. Greens again, and maybe some pink in the shells. Yellows and blues must be in spectrum of the deep sea too. Below please look at some of my original mermaids on the rest of the mermaid coloring page. Each image below can be clicked for a large free printable mermaid coloring picture.

Not sure what a Selkie is, go to my Mermaids page to read all about the history and the story of Mermaids, including Selkies. You will even find a Fairy Tale there.

Mermaid Treasure

Thumbnail Drawing of Mermaid and Treasure Coloring Page

A Winsome Mermaid

Thumbnail Drawing of a Winsome Mermaid

Mermaid Sitting On The Rocks

Thumbnail Drawing Mermaid Sitting Coloring Page

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