Greek Dragons

Throughout greek and roman mythology there were all kinds of Greek Dragons. Dragon Mythology has tales about the greek god zeus and the dragon as a greek oracle.

Many stories explain how the body of the Dragon became the earth itself, these were referred to as the earth dragon, that we are somehow living on the back of an enormous dragon. The Greek's ideas on this concept have a lot in common with the other stories of Creation, such as in Egypt.

Dragons with Great Knowledge

Their knowledge was astounding.

Hercules consulted the Oracle of the Temple in Delphi, a dragon, and learned how to kill another Dragon with Seven heads.

Dragons That Worked With The Gods

Some Dragons were sent by Sea Gods such as Poseidon or Neptune in order to wreak havoc on other Gods or Mortals.

Since they believed that the Gods were usually battling in the clouds with lightning bolts thundering by, and using huge dragons to fight in the sky, or gigantic serpents in the sea.

These dragons were always churning up the oceans, and causing storms, that could wipe out villages as well as sailing ships.

Also Associated With Treasure...

Some of the dragons in Greek Mythology guarded huge treasures in their dragon lair.

The Greeks were big explorers on the seas, just like the great brave norsemen, they all believed that these dragons wreaked havoc on the seas, and the scandinavian ships. That is why they carved dragons on the front of their ships, to scare off the dragons in the sea.

These stories certainly prove that dragons were considered a real threat to many humans in our past.

This is certainly a reason to respect the art of creating fantasy.

There were tales about the greek god zeus and the dragon as a greek oracle.

These dragons lived in caves at the tops of the mountains, and the greeks believed that their gods asked the dragons for advice.

In tales of ancient times the Dragon could change his shape and become capable of all kinds of magic.

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