Gothic Fairy

Get some scary fairies to color in these free coloring pages of fairies. Don't forget how important an evil fairy or bad fairy is to lots of fairy tale stories

Thumbnail Drawing of Magic Ball Fairy Coloring Page

This is a fairy with an incredible Magic Crystal Ball. Who is she watching? What is she plotting, and trying to alter? She almost looks like she might be surprised or caught.

Magic Ball Fairy Coloring (Above)

This is a Gothic Fairy that is from the Medieval period or the Gothic period. Gothic is usually associated with a slightly dark, moody and magic atmosphere - maybe even evil. The bad guy, like a scary dragon.

These Fairies all come from the magical and moody era. My fairies are never too evil, but they are usually the behind the scenes fairies of fairy tales. They are often scheming against the heros and princesses, and generally trying to win the castle.

Magic Shawl Fairy Coloring

Thumbnail Drawing of a Magic Shawl Coloring Page

This fairy is wearing an ancient shawl that helps her cast her spell! She looks relatively harmless, but what is that blob going to do? What colors are spinning in her cloud of magic?

Moon Cloak Fairy Coloring

Thumbnail Drawing of a Gothic Moon Cloak Fairy Coloring Page

This moon cloak fairy is out on a dark medieval evening with nothing but the haunting moon in the background. What evil is she up to?

Scheming Fairy Coloring

Thumbnail Drawing of a Gothic Scheming Fairy Coloring Page

She is alone in an old monastery, just thinking or scheming about what she is going to do. What has she got up her sleeve? Or in her pocket? Some kind of poison, or an amulet?

Throned Fairy Coloring

Thumbnail Drawing of a Gothic Queen Fairy On Her Throne Coloring Page

This fairy looks fierce. What news did she just receive? She looks like a demanding Queen - A Fairy Ruler of a vast realm. Slightly on the dark side, as she sits on her Throne.

If you like this Gothic Fairy Art remember that they are totally free coloring sheets and you can add them to your own fairy tale stories.