Fairy Paper Dolls

This is a a great fairy dress up game. Like many of my paper dolls are printable, and therefore lots of fun to color.

Thumbnail Drawing of a Fairy Paper Doll

Collect them for free

I have designed this Doll with three pages of clothing, and she is a Fairy.

Enjoy making up your own fairy dress up game.

You're gonna love the outfits which are free printable clothes - so go ahead and dress her up.

They are also coloring pages

You are going to love coloring all of the clothes of this paper doll and any other great coloring pages on this site.

There are so many great coloring pages that are free right here on the site

Imagine the coloring you will be able to do - printing them out over and over.

Click on the images for bigger picture

Here are the clothes

Below are my Fairy Paper Dolls clothes and they start with two dresses that I created as coloring pages.

You can click on the image and it will take you to the full-doll-size cut-out page.

Just print the images and you have these clothes ready to color and put on the doll.

A Gypsy and a Medieval Queen

I always loved the magic of gypsies and imagine the eastern european gypsy queen dancing by a huge bonfire.

Since I imagine her dancing around a huge gypsy campfire, I can see dark swirls of purple and magenta, reflecting the deep darkness with lots of shading...

and perhaps some of the orange and reds from the fire?

The second dress is a medieval queen.

Perhaps she is standing at the window of her massive stone castle viewing the lush countryside. I get an impression of the cold icy stone all around her. Perhaps grey greens and cool blues.

Thumbnail Drawing of Fairy Paper Doll Gypsy and Medieval Outfits

Modern Chanel and Today's Teen

These next outfits are from more modern times.

Can't you just imagine a 1950's fairy dressed in Chanel.

Her suit is a fashionable suit from that time period. I love the little box hat and veil.

Is she a movie star in the land of Fae?

Next is a modern day teenager. Even in the land of Fae they have teenagers.

Feel free to try and make your own clothes.

Thumbnail Drawing of Fairy Paper Doll Teen and 1950's Outifts

Ball Gowns

Next are my absolute favorites as they are ball gowns.

One dress is from a Cinderella ball, and the next one is say... a ball set in the 1940's or 50's.

Imagine Cinderella in this ball gown. What color should she wear in your fairy dress up games?

Imagine the 1950's princess at an extravaganza in Paris?

Thumbnail Drawing of Fairy Paper Doll Vintage and Mardi Gras Gown

Do you draw?

Do these paper dolls make you want to draw, more clothes, or another doll?

Perhaps you or a youngster could use some free very simple drawing lessons like the ones at how to draw.

If you are serious about drawing, sign up for my Free Drawing Club!