Kids coloring pages of fairies. I happen to believe that these coloring pages of fairies are a common first-step towards drawing. All the fairies are free - come and enjoy!

Thumbnail Drawing of a Ballet Dancer Coloring Page

Print the free coloring pages and create some of your own art.

Dancing Fairies Coloring

Try out this new page with wonderful dancing fairies to color. To me Ballet and other dance forms are the most wonderfully magical images. There is something so ethereal about a dancer - with or without wings.

Whether you like coloring, or painting on a large canvas, these things are all "art", and are very worthwhile pursuits. This is where you will find my fairies - where you can start to make your own pictures. These children's coloring pages will help them make the beautiful fairies into an exercise to grow all of our creative faculties.

We live in busy times, and there is nothing that can hold your attention and fascination like coloring - especially fairies coloring pages. When engrossed in creative things we can see that the world holds many possibilities-While Drawing or Coloring a Fairy using color and really creating something magical - there is nothing that is impossible. I find this to be good for the soul.

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Flower Fairy Coloring

Thumbnail Drawing of a Ballet Dancer Coloring PageWhen I imagine little fairies living in flowers, I can see the wonderful colors of summer. Imagine a meadow with wonderful flowers and tiny little creatures flitting from flower to flower. Now if you have an imagination see the "little creatures" as fairies and design some of the clothes they might be wearing. Feel free to color them all.

Cinderella Princess Fairy Coloring

Thumbnail Drawing of a Cinderella Fairy Coloring PageHere is a little Cinderella, perhaps descending the steps when she arrives at the Ball. Is the prince waiting to dance with her?

Smelling Flower Fairy Coloring

Thumbnail Drawing of a Fairy Smelling a Flower Coloring PageThis little fairy with the cute hat is enjoying the fragrance of the flower she sits in. Have fun with this flower - the colors could be amazing.

Medieval Princess Fairy With Dragon Coloring

Thumbnail Drawing of a Medieval Princess With a Dragon Coloring PageThis Medieval Princess Fairy stands with authority. Perhaps she is addressing her court and has the magical power of her own Dragon.

Brat Fairy Coloring

Thumbnail Drawing of a Brat Fairy Coloring PageThere is just something about the stance of this little fairy with her arms crossed, and the look in her eye, that tells me she is probably a pretty stubborn little brat. I mean that in the nicest way. I love her jaunty hat.

Gathering Berries Fairy Coloring

Thumbnail Drawing of a Gathering Berries Fairy Coloring PageThis fairy has filled her apron with as many berries as she can carry. What do fairies eat? I would color these berries as brightly as possible, making them look delicious.

Butterfly Fairy

Thumbnail Drawing of a Butterfly Fairy Coloring PageThis fairy is sitting in her flower, gently playing with a little butterfly. How cute.

Fairy With Parasol

Thumbnail Drawing of a Fairy With Parasol Coloring PageThis lovely lady fairy is walking along with her parasol to protect her from the sun. What is the color of the parasol?

Twirling Fairy

Thumbnail Drawing of a Twirling Fairy Coloring PageHappily twirling and spinning as she gently dances and lands very elegantly. She illustrates the feeling of freedom that fairies represent.

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There are so many coloring pages to explore. Don't miss any of the fairies, dragons, scary faeries, princesses, santa and his elves. I love coloring, and it is definitely the first step towards drawing and learning to draw yourself.

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