Drawing Fairies

Butterfly Wings Drawing

When we start Drawing Fairies, we must try and have a fairy picture in our minds.

Is my Fairy sitting in a flower, climbing in a tree or possibly sitting on a teacup?

The possibilities are endless.

Everything in the world could have fascination for a fairy, so they might be there.

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The first thing about Drawing Fairies is that we should try to illustrate their size.

Most fairies are very tiny and live among the flowers, or any small item. How about learning how to draw a flower.

Sometimes I will show them sitting on a mushroom...or walking among long tall stalks of grass, etc.

Any item that shows their size will help create the illusion of a tiny world. Fairies are tiny little people, and learning to draw figures can help with your fairy drawing. Their tiny size is what creates the magic.

After all, perhaps it is a world we overlook?

Maybe if we look closer we will see them! One of the first things we think about when we imagine fairies are wings.

The first group of pictures I want you to try and draw are wings. Let's start with them.

Once you have mastered the free lesson, take a look at my drawing book.

Butterfly Wings

Butterfly Wings Drawing

These I call the Butterfly Wings. Practice with the shape. Remember that you are Drawing Fairies and that any shape you can imagine would work - why not?

Petal Wings

Petal Wings Drawing

Bat Wings

Bat Wings Drawing

Try the Bat Wings!

Angel Wings

Angel Wings Drawing

How about Angel Wings? And these are just a beginning. We can play with combinations of these shapes and you can create many new ones when Drawing Fairies.

Once we have mastered drawing wing shapes, let's tackle some figures that are in a little more flexible positions than the ones in my Drawing Figures section. In order to really master drawing fairies you should go and practice a human figure.

Here I am presenting a couple of figures in different positions.

Sitting Figure

Sitting Fairy Drawing

Next is a standing figure, and then climbing! Give these some practice and we will move on.

Standing Figure

Standing Fairy Drawing

Fairy Hair

Hair Drawing

One of my favorite parts of Drawing Fairies is adding the hair. I have some very simple ideas here! Once we have drawn a figure and added wings, we can put it all together with some lovely hair.

Hats or Ears

Funny Hat and Ears Drawing

Another item to incorporate, if you want...are some funny ears or strange hats. You can experiment all you want, because fairies are a bit like elves, and they will wear anything on their heads to make a hat!

Now that you have some of the elements, let's take a figure - any one of the above positions. I'm going to choose the sitting fairy above, and I will first sketch in some wings. Think about the position of the wings and if you aren't sure, wait till further on in the drawing. Sometimes when I'm not sure of something in a drawing I wait and let the picture show me what it should look like.

I know that sounds strange, but we have a very smart subconscious mind that is always working once you have decided on something.

It will start to give you the answer... Enough! If it sounds a little spooky you are right.

Now, you can see how I seemed to have added only one wing, well... (I'm thinking) Next let's add some hair - my favorite part. Didn't choose something too fancy here, but...next let's move onto clothes...


If you are interested in designing the clothes that you put on the fairies you learn to draw, then you really have to absorb all the stuff you can about medieval clothing, fairy tale clothing, any clothing that is in fantasy art!

So, I would start with my Dolls section, you will find all of these dolls so much fun, and a couple of them are dress up doll games.

One of my paper dolls is an Adventuress, kind of Goth and Medieval.

Speaking of Medieval, that's what I'm going to put on our sitting fairy - a Medieval Costume.

Clothes Drawing

Well, not bad!

What do you think? Have you been experimenting?

Feel free to check out my Fairy Coloring Pages page, and get some more ideas. The most important thing is to have fun, and...let your imagination go wild.