Cinderella Coloring Pages

These Cinderella Coloring Pages are about my favorite fairytale princess, from one of the most famous fairy tales, so grab these cinderella printables

Thumbnail Drawing of Cinderella In The Garden

You are going to have Cinderella art work turning up all over your house. If you collect all kinds of these pages, and have little hands that want to get busy coloring them.

Mostly I want you to enjoy the Cinderella images that are here. Don't forget you can print them out over and over and work on changing the colors.

Cinderella In Her Garden

If I were telling the story of Cinderella, I would begin with her working in her garden. This sweet little Cinderella is working very hard on her pumpkin patch. If you click on the image above, you will get a larger image and you can print it out.

Cinderella Working On Her Dress

Thumbnail Drawing of Cinderella Making Her Dress Cinderella working on her dress, as she hopes she will be able to go to the Ball. Notice that she is doing her own fashion design - many people in the past were able to design and sew their own clothing. Again, click on the image to find the larger image - and color away.

Cinderella And Her Ruined Dress

Oh no... her evil stepmother!

Thumbnail Drawing of Cinderella and Her Ruined Dress Poor Cinderella, her evil stepmother just tore up her dress, and tells her there is no way she is going to the Ball. I think actually that the stepmother is just very jealous of her Cinderella gown.

Along Comes the Fairy Godmother

Notice I did not draw Cinderella's Fairy Godmother for this page. You could draw your own Fairy Godmother, go on give it a try! I should draw the Fairy Godmother soon, after all she created the Cinderella carriage, the cinderella fancy dress, and the cinderella glass slipper. Wow she is really important.

Thumbnail Drawing of Cinderella's Pumpkin CoachThere are so many other great princesses and fairies to color on this site. I did draw the pumpkin coach that is transformed from a pumpkin in Cinderella's pumpkin patch, right in front of her eyes. I honestly just love the pumpkin coach so much that I wanted to draw it. So click on the pumpkin coach below for the full printable coloring page.

My favorite part of the Fairy Tale

Thumbnail Drawing of Cinderella and The Prince Dancing Beautiful Cinderella gets to the Ball and meets the Prince. He is so smitten that they dance and laugh all evening, right until 12:00 when she has to run all the way home.

Always keep coloring and learning to draw. Children have an inexhaustible hunger for creative activities.

Fairies to color...

There are so many Fairies to color on this site.

Imagine Cinderella in the garden meeting up with Butterfly fairies, and smelling the beautiful flowers in the garden.

The evil stepmother found in the Cinderella Coloring pages could be replaced by one of the Gothic Fairies found at the link.

They are just a little bit evil, more up to mischief than anything else.

Maybe you want to draw the pictures yourself? Can you imagine the pictures that are missing? There is so much in the way of free drawing practice on this site, things that will help you improve your skills.

Maybe you have not drawn in a long time, or ever!

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