Christmas Coloring Pages

Colored Drawing of a Santa With Toys

There are so many free Christmas Coloring Pages for your Christmas dreams -enjoy all these christmas coloring pages free.

With Christmas fast approaching, we all have to get to work on our Christmas Coloring Pages. What decorating are you doing for Christmas? Are you printing off coloring pages, and painting them for your Mantle?

These are free coloring pages, so feel free to click on the images and print them off. Please enjoy!

Christmas and coloring just seem to go hand in hand! I love Santa Coloring pages. When I was a kid I always got a Santa Coloring Book in my stocking. Some of these were great with many types of Santa Pictures.

Please enjoy!

Colored Drawing of an Abundant Santa

I hope these colored santas give you some you some ideas. I use pencil crayons, but you can use crayons, or even paint if you print it out on some heavier card. Remember coloring is for your own enjoyment, so keep printing them out.

You will find many coloring pages on this site, and for some ideas of how they can be painted or colored check out the Christmas images at the bottom...

If you love Christmas Coloring Pages and want to color them amazingly, check out my How To Color page- with ideas about shading, highlighting, and overall color tones.

Christmas Stocking

Thumbnail Drawing of Christmas Stocking Coloring Page

I'm sure you can imagine many colors to use on this castle. The medieval europe castles were designed for battle, and I can think of many more designs I should get busy drawing.

Ice Queen

Thumbnail Drawing of an Ice Queen Coloring Page

This cool Ice Fairy is carrying a Star Light - leading the way in the darkness.

Little Girl

Thumbnail Drawing of a Little Girl And Santa's Workshop

This Little Girl is just outside of Santa's Workshop dreaming about all the treasures of Christmas!

School Teacher Angel

Thumbnail Drawing of School Teacher Angel

Enjoy All These Coloring Pages

At the top of the christmas coloring pages is a stuffed stocking, which we all dream about and helps create the christmas magic. Next picture is of an Ice Faery that you can color and use in your own Christmas Decorating and card making. Once you color that Ice Faery for Christmas she becomes a beautiful piece of fairy art.

The next printable coloring page is a charming little girl with her santa list, and a charming school teacherish angel singing christmas carols.

Enjoy the next batch of pages below...

Thumbnail Drawing of Victorian Santa

Print off this very abundant Victorian Santa - he will bring you all your dreams.

Thumbnail Drawing of Candy Cane Fairy

Thumbnail Drawing of Abundant Santa

Thumbnail Drawing of Joyous Santa

Thumbnail Drawing of Pajama Fairy

This Christmas Fairy is already in her pajamas and dreaming of a sugar plum fairy and candy canes. Any of these christmas coloring pages printables are free and make a great christmas gift.

Thumbnail Drawing of Toy Santa

This Santa has tons of toys.

Thumbnail Drawing of Wrapping Fairy

This fairy works in the wrapping department at the North Pole. This is a really busy place. Don't get in the way of those beautiful ribbons.

Santa is Magic!

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