Castle Coloring

Thumbnail Drawing of Medieval Castle

Castle Coloring is so much fun! You can color the Castles throughout time,and even a fantasy castle or two. An enchanted castle is waiting for a little princess or knights in armor. Who knows your kids might become experts at architectural drawing.

This is a Castle Coloring page, and no good fairy tale is without a castle, which is nothing but a building drawing of a princesses home. Every hero needs a place to call home, and every princess wants a Castle. Watch out for those Dragons though. See the Castle White perched on a hill or cliff overlooking the realm of a King?

Color a Castle

We can color a Castle reflecting all the colors of the sky and water. So that would be a blue and purple castle. Blend gently as you imagine the whole color spectrum. Dream up a rainbow of colors. How about yellows and oranges, sparkling in the sunlight. You see all art is about color, but it is also about light and dark. If you know some little hands that want to get going on these and all the coloring pages that are free on this site, get them busy.

There you go, a grey, purple and blue castle on a dark night, with a glowing moon in the background. Talking about purple and blue, there are castles below the waves, particularly in the realm of Merfolk. Be creative and let go when doing your Castle Coloring.

The Medieval Castle (Above)

I'm sure you can imagine many colors to use on this castle. The medieval europe castles were designed for battle, and I can think of many more designs I should get busy drawing.

Old English Castle

Thumbnail Drawing of an Old English Castle The castles of england are really the castles we imagine and so are the european castles. Here is a castle really built for kings, queens and princesses, all you princess fans go to my princess coloring page once you have clicked on the castle and printed it out, and add some princesses.

Aladdin's Castle

Thumbnail Drawing of Aladdin's Palace Imagine the fabulous princess images you can imagine when you are coloring Aladdin's Palace. How about a Flying Carpet? Can you draw that in?

There is no doubt in my mind that coloring is the first step towards drawing, and many children are ready to get their skills up.