Butterfly Coloring Pages

Butterfly Coloring Pages - wonderful fantasy art butterflies and really cute fairies for bright colored kids butterfly coloring

Thumbnail Drawing of Butterfly Fairy Number One - Double Bloom Flower

Each free coloring page is of a butterfly - and yet they are all fairies. Nothing says summer, like seeing the beautiful butterflies hovering around your garden, and encouraging all of the fairies to come out.

I just could not resist adding some spring coloring pages to my site, and whenever I see a beautiful butterfly, I do see a fairy. Butterflies seem to float on soft summer breezes, landing ever so gently on the flowers.

This is of course the same behavior as a fairy. So here are my butterfly fairies. You will notice that some are very cute, while others are a little more sophisticated.

back to the fairies...

One of the butterfly fairies looks like a Queen Bee. Have fun adding the color to their outfits and wings.

Color is the magic that is missing. Here are the butterflies...for coloring and decorating!

Butterfly Fairy With a Double-Bloom Flower

The adorable little fairy (above) is enjoying the fragrance of this double-bloom flower. Really enjoy the coloring.

Butterfly Queen

Thumbnail Drawing of Butterfly Fairy Number Two - Butterfly Queen

The majestic queen is descending gently into the garden.

Modern teenage Butterfly

Thumbnail Drawing of Butterfly Fairy Number Three - Modern Teenage Butterfly Fairy

Notice this teenage butterfly is dressed in more modern garb, as she collects the flowers in the field.

Mushroom Butterfly Fairy

Thumbnail Drawing of Butterfly Fairy Number FourThis little butterfly sitting on a mushroom, is relaxing and contemplating the universe.

These whimsical fairies will make gorgeous butterfly fairy art. I can see them all over the house, and I can see them using up hours of creative energy.

Ballerina Butterfly

Thumbnail Drawing of Butterfly Fairy Number FiveThis is gently hovering Ballerina Butterfly. Imagine her dancing above the flowers in a large meadow.

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