I don't know about you, but I learn best 

by seeing and doing!


How to draw Fantasy Art  or Concept Art is my favorite thing in the world.  My name is Barb C., and I want to get you drawing without expensive  training for years, and to tell you it will be fun, and that it's okay to really love fantasy!  


The video is from the school - only we go a lot slower!

I am ready to join now!


Free Books

The Fairy Drawing Book and the Dragon Drawing Book that I used to sell... I give you right now free -yep!

Testimonials About Free Books (some are from when I sold them) 

I am very impressed by the time and effort you have put into this. It is obvious that you have spent effort and love in producing this.

It is wonderful.
Thank you.
— Brenda R., U.S.
The directions are very easy to follow and I would love to buy one for dragons if you ever decide to do one since your book How to draw Fairies is much better than any other I have tried.
— Doris J., U.S.

...by the way Doris - you can now get the Dragon Drawing Book free too - just sign up again, or send me an email!  Barb C.

I loved seeing all the stages that go into your fairy drawings. You make it seem so simple in your e-book. It makes me want to try my hand at drawing the fey. Thank you for sharing your gift.
— Jessica, U.S.
Looks fantastic to me. I’m pretty new at drawing, so don’t really have much to add except thank you for creating something so very basic for us newbies!!
Looking forward to seeing the next edition. I’m curious about what changes you decide to make!
Well, back to practicing
— C. Manina, U.S.

Hi C. - well the books I'm giving away now are the new Edition of the Fairy Drawing Book and the Dragon Drawing Book!   Barb C.

How wonderful you are. This the most detailed drawing book that I have ever seen. Keep up the good work,
Lov’em each and every one.
— Nita G., U.S.

The School

The video lessons are so great and once you start you won't believe what you're drawing - that's why I don't even mind giving away the books.

Testimonials about the School and the video lessons!  

(these are from the first time the school was opened ... sort of the beta test!)

I had considered myself amongst those who cannot draw! Especially people. Your videos are very clear and easy to follow, and are at the perfect follow along pace.
— David C.
You have opened a part of me that has been pleading to come out. I am no longer scared of making mistakes - I simply enjoy the process of seeing the picture evolve.
— Maggie S.
“That’s great news. I also think you should raise the price.

I know you’ll get lots of people who say “if you make it anything more I won’t pay”. But those people 99.999% of the time - won’t pay for anything.

It is a quality course. And the more money - the more serious people would take it. And value it.

Of the videos I got through - I thought they were just as good as anything on ArtistNetwork.tv and better than 99% of what you could dig up on YouTube.”
— Mark W.

Thanks Mark...- he's referring to when I announced I was re-opening the school... and pricing and such!

I just wanted to say thank you so much for this wonderful school I just love it.

I had to stop drawing for a while due to a family situation and was under extreme stress being a caregiver to my mother in law with dementia. She is being taken care of now in a safe home and I am free to draw again I bought myself a beautiful drawing desk and have fallen in love with drawing all over.

Thank you so much again for sharing your gift. love and light.
— Patty, U.S.
I just started two months ago with the lessons, and I am so happy I did!!

Before I was not able to draw at all but now I am getting pretty good I have so much fun, your work is so great!

I just want to let you know! And finally I can write you to say thank you and ask you about the music that’s playing in the background ?

Do you know the title?
And if so can you please send it to me?
Like your lessons the music is great!
Thx a lot
your fan
— Carmen, U.S.

Hi Carmen,  the music is another magical element - I agree.  It comes from a royalty free site, but I had to pay for a license to sell - even just on the video.

I greatly appreciate your lessons, and fully intend to continue. You made me pick up a pencil, and now I am on my way to the land of art because of you.

So thank you so sincerely,
— Lisa L., Australia
Thank you!! - my friends really think my drawings are awesome thanks to you!
— Jetty S.
Thank you so much for teaching me. I am more into art then I used to be and my friends comment on how good I am at art now.
You have inspired me so much.
ps: I love this! It really inspired me.
— Kyra