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Hi, I'm Barb Cederberg... and I am so excited about the colouring that is going on ... particularly with us grownups

A fantasy and fairytale colouring book for grownups with 30 original hand-drawn designs
and just a touch of tale!
Introducing My Colouring Book For Grownups!

I   just can't help but draw a design that tells a bit of a story... if you love fairies, dragons,  fairytales, warriors, princesses, pirates, skulls, nursery rhymes and legends then this is the adult colouring book for you!

About Me

What can I say, for so many years I had given up on drawing... and then started exploring the web in 2004.  
When I saw all the wonderful art people were posting on the internet I started drawing again.
 So, for over a decade I posted my art (good and bad) and many of you saw it progress - first with simple free colouring pages, then paper dolls and scrapbooking elements, finally started teaching others to draw in a couple of ebooks and online video drawing classes.
Always, it has been fairies and fantasy including a deep love for fairytales and legends.
These things will always be my art !
I trained in graphic design in my youth and then moved into art history, medieval history and ancient civilizations. 
I can see that this has all come full circle.
I make fantasy art based on history, legend and fairytales...can't help it - it's a passion.
So here I am ready to introduce my first really serious (ha ha ha) adult colouring book and hope that you enjoy the adventure.