How To Draw Fairies
and Fantasy Art

Drawing Fantasy without years of costly education is happening right here!

There Is Serious Drawing Going On Here!

Learn By Doing!

Learning to draw Fairies, Fairy Tales and Fantasy Art is the passion and fascination of artist Barb C, and her goal is to get you drawing it without training for years, and realizing the credibility and importance of the whole fantasy genre! The site is full of pencil drawings of every kind of fantasy creature - so come and learn to draw!

You will be so proud of yourself, as you easily start drawing pencil sketches of Fairies, Dragons, Vampires, Monsters, Warriors, Princesses, Goth and more!

I don't know about you, but I have only ever learned by...doing! Whether you draw regularly, or have never even attempted it, you can do it!

The site is full of great drawing tips and drawing instruction!

Thanks Barb C